Neo Sailor Team 11" Dolls

These beautiful dolls are handmade, custom dolls of the future children of the Sailor Soldiers!
This is the Neo Sailor Soldier collection.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the dolls below please inquire for price and details.

Please click on the doll below you'd like to view:

Neo Sailor Moon/Rini Shields/ChibiUsa Chiba

Neo Sailor Marina/Mia Mueller/Mio Urawa

Neo Sailor Phobos-Deimos/Yuuko Levington/Yuuko Kumada

Neo Sailor Io/Nora Collins/Nozomi Furuhata

Neo Sailor Magellan/Stephanie Bradford/Yumi Saotome

Neo Sailor Star Oberon/Skye Starr/Ijuuin Kou

Neo Sailor Miranda/Windy Starr/Saki Kou

Neo Sailor Triton/Priscilla Starr/Miharu Kou

Neo Sailor Charon/Giselle Starr/Mira Kou

Neo Sailor Titan/Karen Hart/Megumi Tsukino

Diana Full Grown Cat Figure


******All Neo Sailor Soldier Pictures/Banners CGI Colored courtesy of the talented Zpiffy-san!!! Thank you so much!!!!*******


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