Neo Sailor Magellan 10" Japan Doll

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Neo Sailor Mazarin!!!

Neo Sailor Magellan 10" Japan Handmade Doll


Neo Sailor Magellan: $215.00 in box


This is a beautiful, very detailed and great likeness 10" tall fashion doll of Neo Sailor Magellan, the Soldier of Energy! Neo Sailor Magellan is a grown up Stephanie Bradford/Yumi Saotome, the daughter of Sailor Venus and Ken Bradford/Shinozaki Saotome! She is absolutely gorgeous, with big anime eyes, tinted with many different shades of orange!!! Her dark orange hair is pulled back into a bouncy ponytail. (Hair is much lighter and more "orange" than pictured above)

Neo Sailor Magellan wears her pastel orange and dark orange organza Neo Sailor uniform with 2 layers pastel orange peachskin, dark orange organza skirts with white tufted belt with matching iridescent "feathers" and golden heart brooch! She has feathers on her gloves and long draping slender gold metallic ribbons down her back! Her boots are pure white knee boots with pastel orange tops and hearts!!

This is a beautiful, fully poseable doll that is perfect for the Venus & Ken fan!!!

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***Thanks to Jay-san for informing us the correct name of Sailor Venus' Princess castle "Magellan" translated into English. Doumo arigatou!*****