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Please CLICK HERE to review the costumes we have completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

Please CLICK HERE to review the dolls/doll clothing we've completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

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2023 Updates:

January 10, 2023: Added to Lita Mitchell's UFO Catchers: Alice 7" UFO to American McGee's Alice; Battle Sonic Vers 3 7" UFO; Battle Sonic 15" UFO; Jet the Hawk 7" UFO, King Puff the Pufferfish 7" UFO to Sonic X Boys Sections; Added Marine the Raccoon 7" UFO, Cosmo the Seedrian 12" UFO, Maria Robotnik Vers 2 7" UFO; Captain Molly 7" UFO to Sonic Girls Section; Cody 7" UFO and Sierra 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; Captain Aiden 7" UFO, Koji 7" UFO, Exam Trainer 7" UFO, Psychic Trainer 7" UFO to Pokemon Boys Section; Davis/Daisuke 7" UFO, Ken 7" UFO, Tai 7" UFO, Izzy 7" UFO, Willis 7" UFO, Matt 7" UFO, Yukio 7" UFO to Digimon Boys Section; Sora 7" UFO, Yolei 7" UFO, Mimi 7" UFO to Digimon Girls Section; Gary 7" UFO to Bully Scholarship Edition Section; General Blue 7" UFO, Female Appule 7" UFO to DragonBall Z Section; Ichika Kaneki 4" UFO to Tokyo Ghoul Section; Marluxia 7" UFO, Larxene 7" UFO to Kingdom Hearts Villains section; Sara Idol 7" UFO to Mermaid Meloday Pichi Pichi Pitch Section; Angel Salvia 7" UFO to Wedding Peach section; Jojo McDodd 7" UFO, Ned O'Malley 7" UFO to Horton Hears a Who Section; Once-Ler 7' UFO to The Lorax Section; Thetis Human 7" UFO, Murido Monster 7" UFO, Queen Beryl 7" UFO to Sailor Moon Section; Queen Nehelenia 7" UFO to Sailor Moon SuperS Section; Good Galaxia 7" UFO to Sailor Moon: Stars Section; Flora Vers 10 7" UFO to Winx Club Section; Jiji the Cat 12" UFO to Kiki's Delivery Service Section; Sol Titanion 2' UFO to MegaMan section; Nights 7" UFO to Nights Into Dreams Section; Jin 7" UFO to YuYu Hakusho Section; Pyramid Head 7" UFO to Silent Hill Section; Vector 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Section; Oboro 7" UFO to Naruto Section; Ulala 7" UFO to Space Channel 9 Section; Ruby 7" UFO to Lunar Blue Star Story Section; Unico 7" UFO to Unico Section; Prince Hans & Queen Elsa Emoji Faces 6" UFOs; Kristoff & Anna Emoji Faces 6" UFOs to Frozen Section; Hope the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Jasina Leia the Hedgehog 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section.



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