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Please CLICK HERE to review the dolls/doll clothing we've completed, but are not yet posted on the site. Updated 1/18/17

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2022 Updates:

April 30, 2022: Added to Lita's Custom Plushies/UFOs: Added Mina the Mongoose 7" UFO, Honey the Cat Vers 2 7" UFO, Tikal the Echidna 7" UFO, Cosmo the Seedrian 12" UFO, Starla the Seedrian 7" UFO, Sticks the Badger 7" UFO, Marine the Raccoon 7" UFO, Pearly the Manta Ray 7" UFO, Blaze the Cat 7" UFO, Blaze the Cat 3' ft UFO, Fiona the Fox 7" UFO, Queen Alena the Hedgehog 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section; Jet the Hawk 7" UFO, Scourge the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Fang the Weasel 7" UFO, Decoe 15" UFO, Bocoe 12" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Bankotsu 7" UFO, Renkotsu 7" UFO, Naraku 7" UFO to Inu Yasha Section; Magus 7" UFO, Magus Vers 2 7" UFO to Chrono Trigger Section; Sierra 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; Misty 7" UFO, Dawn 7" UFO, Risa 7" UFO, Amber 7" UFO, Matori 7" UFO, Melody Vers 2 7" UFO, Maren 7" UFO to Pokemon: Girls Section; Ash 7" UFO, Brock 7" UFO, Archie 7" UFO, Sabrina's Dad 7" UFO, Fergus 7" UFO, Team Rocket Butch 7" UFO, Tobias 7" UFO, Dr Proctor 7" UFO, Dr Fuji 7" UFO, Christopher 7" UFO, Harrison 7" UFO to Pokemon: Boys Section; Kokurano's Fangirl #2 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh! Girls Section; Domino Resident #2 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh! Boys Section; Rare Hunter #2 7" UFO, Punk Duelist #2 7" UFO to Yu-Gi-Oh! Villains Section; Leni 15" UFO to The Loud House Section; Aku Aku 4" UFO, Uka Uka 6" UFO, Aku Aku 10" UFO, Uka Uka 12" UFO to Crash Bandicoot Section; 4 Generals 7" UFOs (Jedite, Nephlite, Zoycite, Malachite), Queen Serenity 7" UFO to Sailor Moon 1st Series Section; Super Sailor Mini Moon 7" UFO, Tellulu 7" UFO, Viluy 7" UFO, Cyprine & Ptitol 7" UFOs to Sailor Moon S Section; Sailor MiniMini Moon (Chibi Chibi) 4" UFO to Sailor Stars & Sailor Moon Manga Section; Sailor Cosmos 7 UFO, Sailor Parallel Moon 7" UFO to Sailor Moon: Manga Section; Lucia, Seira, Coco, Rina, Hanon, Noel, Caren 7" UFOs to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Section; Mythra 7" UFO, Pyra 7" UFO to Xenoblade Chronicles Section; Murdoc 7" UFO, 2D Vers 2 7" UFO to Gorillaz Section; Dark Precure 7" UFO to Pretty Cure Section; Lain in Bear PJs 7" UFO, Lain in Bear PJs 12" UFO, Arisu School Uniform 7" UFO to Serial Experiments Lain Section; Euphemia Code Black 7" UFO to Code Geass Section; Elazul 7" UFO to Legend of Mana Section; Genis Sage 7" UFO to Tales of Symphonia Section; Heather 12" UFO to Silent Hill Section; Jimmy Two-Shoes 7" UFO, Heloise 7" UFO to Jimmy Two-Shoes Section; Joanna the Goanna 12" UFO to Rescuers Section; Loki Movie 7" UFO to Marvel Universe Section; Makoto Niijima School Uniform 7" UFO, Sae Niijima 7" UFO, Sae Niijima Metaverse 7" UFO to Persona Section; Varian 10" Plush to Tangled/Rapunzel Section; Herbie the Yorkshire Terrier 12" Dog Plush, Fudge the Beagle German Shepherd 21" Dog Plush to Portrait Pets Section; Curly the Fox 7" UFO, Fzdis 7" UFO, Female Jr Trainer 7" UFO to Fan Characters Section.



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