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Thank you for visiting our site! Here you will find many special items which you can purchase to add to your own Sailor Moon/Disney/Anime/Non-anime collections and as wonderful unique gifts for your loved ones and friends! We started out making these things for our own personal collections, and when our friends wanted us to make custom items for them as well, we decided to also offer our services to other fans out there who may also like to have such rare, previously unavailable items, too!

And please look around!! There's so much more more than just Sailor Moon here!!!

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SetsunaKou's Custom Commissions Shoppe
(Cosplay, Resin Models, Figures, BJD & Anime Faceups, and Fanart/Paintings)



HarukaKou's Custom Commissions Shoppe
(Custom Plush Dolls/UFO Catchers, Complete Fashion Dolls/BJDs, Fashion Doll Clothing/BJD Clothing, Paper Dolls and Doujinshi!)



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