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"Doumo Arigatou! The costumes (Inuyasha and battle Sango) look sooo beautiful and they fit perfectly! You do such a wonderful job! We are so excited to wear them at Anime Oasis in March; we’ll have to send you pictures. To any one who wants to stand out at any Anime Convention I recommend that they get their costumes from you, SetsunaKou! Thanks again! Have a Happy New Year!"
Tracey H. & Anthony

"SQUEE! Omg! Arigatou! Arigatou! Domo arigatou! ^.^ Today, just now, I opened the mail and YAY I found a box with the Ryou Bakura [7" ufo] doll I ordered in it!!! I just wanted to thank you very much he's so kawaii!!!! I love him so much!!! He' so huggable and so loveable and so adoarable! ^-^ So once again, arigatou!"
-Egyptiankitty (Emmy)

"Hello! This is Laura, the one who ordered the Nuriko [7"] plushie from you. I am writing to tell you I recieved it safe and sound a few days ago, and it's wonderful. Thank you so much for spending so much time and effort on my doll. I hope to order from you again sometime in the future. Thanks again."
~Laura F.

"Hello! I recieved Kamui [11" VOLKS doll] today. He is a beautiful doll! You have done a wonderful job and I thank you very much! I'm very happy to at last have a doll of Kamui and am thouroly impressed with the wonderful detail on him! Thank you again!   Sincerely,"
~ KidHeart4

"Hello Setsuna! Wanted to thank you very much for the [Ichigo] costume. It arrived a few days ago, 2 days after my 22nd birthday. So it was a great Birthday surprise! It's every bit as beautiful as I'd hoped! I thought I'd attach two images of me in the costume, just because I can't help myself! If you wanted to put it on your website at all, I'd have no problems with that!   Again, many thanks! But don't think that this is the last you'll hear of me, because I certainly do plan on doing business with you again in the future. Still thinking of that Phantom plushie and those DVDs... And maybe a costume or two.... But maybe I should hold off a bit...   Regards,"
~Sonia T. aka a very happy Ichigo!

"Hi! I couldn't remember if I ever let you know that we received the [Full set of Yu-Gi-Oh!] paper dolls. We have them, in good condition, and Kiri and her friend are enjoying them immensely!  Thank you very much!"

"We got the [Sora 7" and Dante 7"] plushies, by the way.  Your work is fantastic!  I love all the detail you put into your creations; simply magnificent!  I'm sure my friend will be estatic, and I absolutely adore my Sora one!!  Thanks so much! *bows*"
~Diana N.

"By the way, I met a girl here
working at a Video store who was raving about your custom stuff ^_^"

"Well, I just arrived home to the states, and one of the first things I did when I walked through the door
(after hugging and kissing my mother and my cat) was try on the [Tifa Lockhart Advent Children Movie] costume you sent.  I am so thrilled with it.  Just how I hoped it would turn out and a wonderful fit.  I just wanted to thank you again now that I finally got to see it for myself.  It was wonderful doing business with you and I hope to have an urge to by another costume from you someday. Believe me, if I DO have need of a costume, I will go to your site first.  Thanks again."
~Amanda S.

"Hey there! I received the [3 12"] plushies on Friday, and they look wonderful! Wow, that was
fast (especially for the Angela). The plushie of me is so cute! She and Dorian
Plushie look absolutely adorable together! Thank you so much!Happy holidays,"
~Tanya F.

"Just a friendly note to let you know I received the Marik [2ft plush] Doll this morning. WOW,it's sooooo cute and well made!!! My daughter is super happy with it and even cried when she saw it(ha,ha). Thanks so much for the great service once again and for making my daughters day!! I have left you positive feedback and hope you will do the same for me as well.Thanks a million and have a wonderful day!!"
~Penny R.

" I have received my Spinel Sun plushie and I adore him.  I love everything about him.  His size, colors, face, wings, everything!  He's now my favorite plush and I plan to carry him around everywhere.  If anyone asks me, I will tell them all about your site and your lovely work. ^^  Also, here are my Super Sailor Venus pictures as promised, I hope you like them!  Thanks again for everything, I will email you again once I'm ready to order my White Kitty CCS cosplay!  You girls are the best!!   p.s.  To receive my costume in time for August 3rd (when I leave for Otakon), when will be the latest I can order?"
~Amanda S.

"it [Seto Kaiba 2' UFO] did come today and she is thrilled. Thank you!"
~S. Mintz

"The [Rinoa Dion Rogers KH] cosplay was a hit, everyone loved it, I was told by alot that I was the best Rinoa there, even by the girls. Thank you so much! Here are some pics (granted not good ones) I had taken so I could send them to you to put on the site if you want.  But here's a shoker for you, I wasn't the only one doing that design! there were two others doing it as well, but I felt better that yours was the best of all of them (according to the guys mostly). Thank you I really loved it, it fit perfectly. Oh, I need your site addy again, I had to wipe my harddrive and I lost everything including my fav sites I had saved. Thank you"
~Siobahn H.

"Thank you, I received the [Harpuia] costume safely. :) It looks beautiful! I have sent a photo to you. I will probably send another when I finish the other parts of the costume. ^_^"
-Anne K.

"Hi Setsunakou, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Hitsugaya and Urahara costumes [wigs and sword/cane], and I love them so much!  You did such a great job ^^ The wig and the coat are very detailed, and the sword is awesome. Thank you very much for putting so much effort into these costumes.  I will very soon be ordering another costume from you, so you can expect that. ^_^  I also attached some pictures of the Hitsugaya costume.  Thanks again,"
~Ashley P.

"They [Barbara 11" Portrait doll; Ghaleon 11" Volks Doll; Dragon Master Dyne 11" Volks Doll] came they're great! great job on dragon master dyne!! :-*"
~Barbara J.

"HI! I haven’t gotten a chance until now. I got the [Mithra Red Mage] costume about 2 weeks ago and everything is ok! Everything fits nicely. I was surprised about the heels on the boots considering in the original pictures you had you didn’t have them, but I actually think I can use these better, thanks! Well just wanted to let you know, everything is fine, and thanks for a job well done. Take care >^.^< Regards,"
~Sean G.H.

"Hey there! I wasn't sure if I sent you an email already, but I just wanted to say that the [Silent Hill Plush 12"] dolls and [Sailor Stars] DVDs arrived safely last week! The plushies look great (as always ^^) and the DVDs were perfect! Thank you so much,"
~Tanya F.

"It [Aayla Costume] looks and fits great! Thanks! I'll probably be taking a lot of pictures before the convention, which should be on the 14th of this month."

"Hi Chloe!!! I got my Suicune [3' UFO] yesterday and he is SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and SOOOOOOOOOOOO SOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone I've shown him to is absolutely amazed that he is hand-made!!! He's just so well done!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, have you been to my site yet? I sent you a bunch of emails, but I made new dollz of the yugioh girls and I really want your opinion! Well let me know!!! Thanks SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~Hope S.

"just got her [Sailor Venus PGSM 11" VOLKS Doll] today! she is very pretty. thanks alot for doing that for
me. i will be getting ahold of u in afew months to get the custom super dollfie 13 that we had talked about. thanks again."

"Hello! I recieved Kamui [11" VOLKS DOLL] today. He is a beautiful doll! You have done a wonderful job and I thank you very much! I'm very happy to at last have a doll of Kamui and am thouroly impressed with the wonderful detail on him! Thank you again!   Sincerely,"
~ KidHeart4

"Hello Setsuna!   Wanted to thank you very much for the [Ichigo] costume. It arrived a few days ago, 2 days after my 22nd birthday. So it was a great Birthday surprise! It's every bit as beautiful as I'd hoped! I thought I'd attach two images of me in the costume, just because I can't help myself! If you wanted to put it on your website at all, I'd have no problems with that!   Again, many thanks! But don't think that this is the last you'll hear of me, because I certainly do plan on doing business with you again in the future. Still thinking of that Phantom plushie and those DVDs... And maybe a costume or two.... But maybe I should hold off a bit...   Regards,"
Sonia aka a very happy Ichigo!~

"We got the [Vash 7" and Sora 7" UFO] plushies, by the way.  Your work is fantastic!  I love all the detail you put into your creations; simply magnificent!  I'm sure my friend will be estatic, and I absolutely adore my Sora one!!  Thanks so much! *bows* "
~Diana N.

"Hey there! I received the [Silent Hill 12", Tanya F 12" Portrait UFO] plushies on Friday, and they look wonderful! Wow, that was fast (especially for the Angela). The plushie of me is so cute! She and Dorian Plushie look absolutely adorable together! Thank you so much! Happy holidays,"
~Tanya F.

"Hi, I just wanted to say, arigatou gozaimasu for my [Witch Hunter] Robin coat and gloves. You did a great job! They look gorgeous! They look great with the rest of my costume. I'll definitely shop at your site again!"  
~Jacki L

"Hi Setsunakou!   I received the Yuna costume and Sasuke wig last week.  They turned out great, especially the detail on the Yuna staff.  I unfortunately, in my excitement about how cool the sleeves were, stepped backwards on the staff and ended up breaking it in half. ^^'  Luckily, I fixed it and it looks as good as new.  The Yuna wig was also about 6 inches too long, so I got another wig and styled it myself.  I included pictures of me in the Sasuke wig, and I'll send you pics of the Yuna costume once I get pictures in it.  Thanks so much for all your hard work, much appreciated!"   ~Ashley P.

"Hello ^_^ We received all the [Naruto, Sasuke, Wrath, Winry] costumes today and they are wonderful!!! We are very happy ^_^  We'll send you pictures after the cons ^_^  Thanks again!  You guys are the best!!!"
- Merry - Chan & Jill - Chan M.

"Hi there! You guys did a fantastic job with our [Naruto, Sasuke, Wrath, Winry] costumes this year ^_^  They were a
hit at both A-kon and Anime Expo.  Here's some quick photos of us to add to
your site if you'd like.  Here's Naruto <Merry-chan> and Sasuke <Jill-chan>
and Winry <Merry-chan> ^_^ You guys rock! Expect more costume orders next year!"
~Jill & Merry M.

"YAY!!! I'm SO glad you can make SD outfits for me!!!! Cuz you pay exquisite attention to detail and no one else seems to care that much about specifics... Yay!!!!!"
~Hope S.

"Hi Just got  The Saki [11" Volks/Obitsu] Doll!!!!    You did a great job I could not be
happyer with her. The Eyes are perfect. I did not get her till just after
A-kon. I was so hopeing to have her for the Dollfie meetup. But I will have
her for the next coming up in sept. great job on the shoes.As to the Yoko doll It will be a while before I have extra money. But i will get you to make one for me. I spent all my cash on my first real Dollfie.
One outher doll i would like to get you to make for me some day soon is
Shun from Here is Greenwood. Also Can you Make doll's with doll eye's of  instead painted on eye's????
Take care And Thanks again for the saki doll".
~Reed J.

"I got [Sakaki costume] it and it is awesome.  I look forward to buying at least one a year from you, if not more."

"Hello again!!!!   The Sakaki costume was a hit!  And I have another project for you.  I sent pictures of what I would want, but i do not know if you can do it.  Most of that is leatherish, though i would think vinyl would work just fine.  Its cheaper and wears better! I look forward to your response.  Money wont be such an issue this time.... ~_^.....see ya"
~ Ryu

"Hi there! Tez/Tiffany sent me an email to let me know that you had shipped the Aayla costume to her, and I thought I'd let you know that she sounded very happy with the costume.  Congratulations! "
~Pam :-)

"Hello Heidi-san! It's been a while since I last ordered anything from you. I still love
all your work you've done for me, but never really had a chance to do
something until now due to some life altering circumstances. ^^; I'd
like to actually commission two outfits and a ufo catcher. I'll go ahead and give you my current measurements and payment asap once I hear back from you. Thank you so much! I love you for all your help!"
~Danny H.

"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I received the HaruToki DVDs yesterday. I haven't had time to really watch them, but they look great so far. So, thanks, and I'll let you know when I'm ready for more. ^_^"
~Christine T.

"Hello,I received my package with the [Super Moon and Super Chibi Moon 1/8 B] model kits 5 days ago and I was so impressed. You did a great jpb on them, they turned out so well. I especialy love Sailor Moon's and Chibi Moon's Eyes, they are so beautiful X3.Thank you so much, I really love them.About the face-thing you did a great job as well. I am afraid, I didn't know that the head wasn't the right one. I am wondering too how it happened that the wrong head was in the box. However, I bought that model kit second hand on yahoo japan auctions. Maybe the person who owned it before exchanged the heads ? I dunno XD ! But after all, it doesn't matter anyway now because she's darn beautiful thanks to you. Of course I will send you pictures of them finished, I already glued the pieces together. But I thought about it and wondered if it wouldn't be better to take photos of them BEFORE I attach them to the base. Because on your shoppe page, you have an own section for Chibi Moon and one for Moon, so wouldn't it be better to take photos of them seperated ? You could put a picture of single Chibi Moon in the Chibi Moon Section and one of single Sailor Moon in the Moon section then. And if you prefer, at the end you could put an additional picture of both together below th! e single ones. Well, just tell me how you would li ke me to do ^^.I can make both too, that means, I can take pictures of them seperated first and afterwards together on the base. Just tell me what you want XD. By the way, may you tell me what's the golden color called you used on the costumes ? It lokks so pretty and shiny ! And I love the pink you used on Chibi Moons Costume too. Great colors overall.Have a nice day and don't forget to tell me about the way you want the photos.Many thanks again, regards,
~Andrea M.

Hi! I noticed all the awesome YGO dolls you have up now. ^^ They're so cool. :) If I had a lot of money, I know I'd be getting a lot of them! **laugh.** I was wondering, since the prices seem to vary with each character, what the approximate price might be to make one of Siegfried von Schroider. Thanks, and have a great day! ^^
~Christina :)

"Dear Setsuna-san,   Thank you for Odetta-chan [11" Volks of Japan Dollfie Plus]! she's even more lovely than I imagined. I can't wait to order some clothes for her and take pictures. Only... I think she's a little lonely. That's why I'm placing an order for another doll ^_^ Since my scanner's down, I'll have to attach a picture of the doll that I modeled this one from.   If it's possible, I'd like this one (I call her Olympe-de-Lune -- she's playful and a little immature ^_^) to look as much as possible like the attachment. Doesn't her shaggy brown hair make her look bratty and adorable? Her eyes are brown, I think.  I'm not sure how tall Odetta is... I think 11". What sizes do you have for doll?   Your work is so excellent! I'm definitely going to order at least five more dolls within the next two years.   Setsuna, you're so kind and helpful, thank you so much!

"I saw the [Dark Magician Girl 10" Volks of Japan] doll you made, and it is absolutly beautiful. Im asking my mom for it for christmas! Its just soo alsome! you did a perfect job on it. it looks just here! and the outfit is incredibale! it honestly is! Good job on it!! the whole doll is excellent!"
~Hakunio M.

"Once again thank you very much [for the 2 Portrait plushies] and don't be surprised if you hear from me again, asking for another plushie... I think I'm addicted now ^^" Thanks again!
~Briana and Matt

"Greetings. I wanted to let you know that I have recieved my Tohru costume on Sat. I've been down with the flu for the past week so I didn't get a chance to try it on till now. You guys are simply amazing. Thank you so much. The costume is so adorable and fits perfectly. I'd like to get a quote sometime for Otakon when you guys aren't so busy. (Con season is really stressfull). Oh I have a question to ask, hoping you guys can help me out. Somehow in my move down to my parents my feathers got detached from my Belldandy costume. Do you have any advice about the best way to reattach them? I need to have it ready in two weeks for AnimeUSA. Thanks so much.
~Anna D.

"I receved the [plush] doll I ordered. Thanks for your hard work on it!
~Dylan L.

"I just got my cloud plush in the mail today and I LOVE it! The pictures on your site were pretty cool but that was nothing compared to finally getting my cloud plush and seeing it for the first time. You are truly awesome at what you do. I can tell you put a lot of work in him from his detailed hair, the wolf on his shoulder, and pretty much everything else! Thanks again for doing such an amazing job.  P.S. I actually have another request for you if you wouldn't mind. I'll get it to you later this week though if that's okay."
~Kyle T.

"Thank you for taking off some money from it [Full Moon costume], I promise to give you really awesome photos! I'm sending out payment tomorrow, so expect it soon! Could you possibly send me two strips of fur trim you're using so I can put them on my boots? If that's not possible it's ok. Thank you so much for doing this for me, I dont plan on cosplaying anymore after this, but thank you for being there for me ^_^"
~Stacy B.

"Hi Chloe! Just wanted to let you know I received the [Heero & Duo 11" Volks] dolls and am very happy! Thank you so much! They're darling! You did a lovely job!   ::Hugs::"  
~Diana  ^__^

"By the way Jiji [7" UFO Plushie] was so cute an huggable! ^^ I especially loved that lil heart pendant you put on her. The other girls are so happy to see a new friend around! Anyway, can you tell me the address again ^^; I know i should have this written down... ^^: so I will this time! Anyway thank you again for all the hard work on the plushies you've done so far, an I'll get back to you later in the week. ^^
~Bryan C.

"Hi Hi! I see that my [11 various UFO] plushies are on the website at last! They look so ADORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ever so much, they look fantastic! So talented you are! Will you be sending them soon? Let me know when you do! Thank you and god bless <3

"Hello! I got the plushies today! They are all adorible and cute!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! You did a perfect job on everyone! Definately a highly anticipated order! But now, in January, I will order a cosplay outfit for the first time. I'm planning to be Kagura at Otakon 2006. I'll be ordering it around in early 2006. Do I measure myself before ordering? I would like to fit in the coustume perfectly, please let me know! <3 Thank you once again, and great job as always! ^o^!!!!"

"Hi just to let you know i received Sephy [2' UFO Plush] yesterday, hes perfect thank you so much :) the work you have done on him is amazing and i really dont know what to say im so speachless, thank you so much again, and i will be sure to recommend you to my friends andonce i get some more money together we could maybe do business again sometime. thanks very much godbless from
~Claire K.

"I got it [Full Moon costume] on Sat., sorry my home email is crazy I get into my inbox. THANKS SO MUCH!! I love it, I recommend you and your costumes to everyone! Thanks again"
~Stacy B.

"I absolutly love your dolls.  I do art myself, mostly 2d, but recently I've tried to go 3d, but to no avail. ^_^.  I'm particually interested in your volks dolls (what is volks anyway?)  not the dolls themselves but the articulations of the bodies, you know the joints.  I've tried making my own articulate figures but I don't know anything. I don't mean to sound insulting to your art or trade by asking how you make the bodies but I would really love to know.  I so want to make my own action figures.  do you buy these bodies from somewhere or do you make them?  what materials  are used?  I'm so frustrated, I crave my own action figures but have no means to make them please share the secrets of your volks bodies.  All I need are the bodies, please.  by the way I really respect you art, they look so cool but from one artist to the next its nice to make your own. You guys really are the masters of the trade. are there any other sources that might help? thanks"
~Robert K.

"I ordered a Slayers [Xelloss 7" UFO] Plush not long ago, hoping to get it by Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it's here already. I just wanted to give my compliments; it's exactly what I was looking for, and the person it's meant for should be very happy with it. And getting it here so fast was a welcome surprise. I know you were busy with orders, so it's very much appreciated that you crammed mine in. ^^ If I need/want anything like this in the future, you can count on me coming back. And any friends looking for some will be directed to your little corner of the internet." ~Jerry S.

"Hi Hi Chloe chan   First of all,im glad that you 2 are working on the eternal sailor moon costume [for me.]. Im pretty sure that it will look awesome ^_^   BTW,i saw the chrismas banner.  Its cute to see both of you in Uranus and pluto chrismas outfits XD    Also,the chrismas song was a really good idea and its a really good idea to put it online.  BTW,is that your voices that is on the song as if its you 2,you 2 have really great voices ^_^     Also,be sure to tell me when you are ready to ship the costume as i might work on mornings during the week as no one will be in the apartment before 6pm >_< (Its not confirmed that i gonna work during morning shifts)"
~ David L.

"Infinite Sailor Jupiter [1/6 Resin Model] arrived home today! She looks stunning! One of the wings on her feet was detatched as was the head and ponytail, but these were easily cemented in place and again... She looks magnificent! Well worth the investment! She's definitely a centerpiece in my collection!   Thank You Very Much! I hope you've got lots of good pictures of Infinite Jupiter! I know at least one Jupiter fan who will probably be very jealous when she sees this! (Her sister is a BIG Mars fan.)   They'll probably want their own, but on second thought, maybe I'll start saving up and try to swing commissioning another Infinite Jupiter and an Infinite Mars in time for their Birthday....By the way, I have probably the FIRST examples anywhere for those [Tenchi Muyo] characters thanks to your excellent work!   Well, I'll have to wait before ordering anything else with the holiday budget running low, but I'm sure I'll be in touch!   Thanks Again!"
~Marc H.

"I received Shizuka [Serenity Wheeler 10" Volks of Japan doll] today and she is absolutely beautiful!  She's the most beautiful doll in my volks and dollfie collection. I love the details put into her face, hair, clothing and accessories.  Thank you very much for your time and hard work!"

"Hey!   I just recieved the [Roll-chan costume] outfit, and it really does look nice.Aside from a bit of work [adding elastic straps on the gloves [so that they won't slip], adding a piece of string to the zipper [to make it easier to get out of], and shortening the clear yellow "attentae" a bit], I really like it. Just thought I should let you know,"
~Jeremy C.

"just got it [Metal Sonic 10" UFO plushie] today, thank you, it's great."
~Alex P.S.

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the [Lina Inverse 11" Volks] doll came and it looks great! My daughter will love it. Thank you!"
~Connie L.

"Kon'nichi wa,   Hi, I am the person who purchased the 3.5 ft [ufo plush] doll of Duo Maxwell for Daniel (ore wa duo maxwell) I still have him, but Daniel knows that. He wants me to enjoy the doll for a little while. He is so cute and I am glad I got him, even tho I will give him up. <sigh> Wonderful workmanship on the doll and clothing. Very talented. Daniel said you can make a Eiri Yuki doll that talks. He sent me a pic of the Yuki doll a while back. Yes, very cute. Can you tell me a little bit about the procedure to go about getting one of these dolls please. I want the biggest one I can get that talks. I very much so appreciate your time and help with this request.   Honto ni arigato gozaimas"
~Carol F.

"Ooh, guess I jumped the gun there. ^^  Got the package today.   (Get ready for the !!!)   WOW!!!!  She [Anne 10" Volks Fan chara doll] looks absolutely incredible, better than I drew her!   I feel like when I was a little kid and would get a new Barbie Doll, it's just that exciting!  I cannot stop staring/drooling at her!  I am 1000% satisfied!   Unfortunately, I don't have my Kaiba doll yet, but it's nice to have his [11" BC Purple outfit] outfit so he won't be sitting around naked when he gets here (or *is* that a good thing? :b ).  I love all the little details you put in there, like the KC on the belt and the shiny buttons.  I know it'll look amazing on him.   Thank you sooo much for everything!  Merry Christmas to you, too. P.S.  You may hear from me again in the future.  I've got a male friend who loves Lucy from Elfen Lied, and I'm thinking of getting him a doll for his b-day in July.  He's the type who would hide it in a drawer but secretly be tickled about it, y'know? ^^"
~Heather B.

"Thank you! Hi! I just got the Ancient Elf and Seiyaryu [15" UFO] plushies you made for me in the mail a couple days ago--they are so amazing!! Thank you so much, they're both so detailed and so skillfully made, I'm really impressed. I adore my Ancient Elf and my best friend was thrilled with her Seiyaryu--it was perfect timing because they arrived in the mail the day before I was leaving to go visit her for the weekend, so I could give it to her in person! Thank you so much again, you are really talented and I'm sure I'll end up ordering something from you again someday. :-) P.S. Oh, I saw your Seto x Serenity drawing on Deviantart. It's really impressive! His eyes are so intense and I can just see him holding her like that, the pose is really natural. And her face is really beautiful, very soft and gentle. I'm curious, what medium do you use for making these? It looks like they're done all on the computer. How do you make them? I can never start drawings on the computer; I always have to at least make a pencil sketch and scan it. Usually I color with colored pencils or watercolor first then scan it and edit a bit on photoshop to make it look smoother. Oh, and I really like the drawing of Mokuba too. His expression is great...kind of sweet and soft, but you can see a bit of Seto's smirk starting to show up there. *laughs* Anyway, great drawings! *grins*"

"Thank you *_*! Hello Chloe-chan ^_^   I did picked-up the [Eternal Sailor Moon] costume 2 days ago at the post office.  It look really nice and cute XD     I really like how you did the wings as they are so beautiful (Just like the rest of the costume)  I think that is one cool chrismas present i did to myself lol.   Also i have a question.  Do you know any webcam software that got a snapshot delay feature as i want to take pics ^_^"
~David 'L.

"Hello Setsuna and Haruka ^^/ just a little E-Mail to let you know that I wish you a very, very...annnnndddd.....Enjoy your holidays !!! Thank you for all the beautiful things you have done and will do in the future. Best regards,yours
~ Andrea M.

"Hi! Huge to you thanks for that that you have helped me to find that that I so long searched. All very much was pleasant to me, is especial music box feelings of a solder and route Venus. For the first time I am rather happy for 20 years in new year. All good & thank [from Russia]! "

"Hey there again! I saw the image of my Yugi [7"] UFO plush on the site today and he is soooooo adorable!!!! You got his outfit down perfectly and I can't wait to get him in the mail! This is my third time ordering from you, it's like I can't stop ^_^ You never cease to amaze me each of my plushies is perfect and if there were an anime convention going on anywhere near me, I would definetely show them off. Thanks again so very much, I can't stress enough what beautiful work you do. Maybe around next Halloween I will order a costume from you. Thank you and God bless!! ^_^ "
~Jennifer A.

"Hi! We received the [Team Rocket] James [7" UFO Plushie] doll two days ago and my daughter was thrilled!  I wish you could have seen the look on her face.  Thanks again"
~Madeline C.

"Good day to you,   My name is Kelley P. and I ordered a Milliardo Peacecraft [7"] plushie from you in November. I just wanted to let you know I got him today and he's So Awesome! This is the best looking plushie I have ever seen and some of the nicest work to boot. Thank you so much, I couldn't be happier with him. I look forward to ordering more plush dolls from you in the near future. Thanks so much! ^_^ Sincerely,"
~Kelley P.

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my [Rose Bride] costume on Saturday, January 21. It is so beautiful and fits very well. And I love the sword! ^_^ Thank you so much! *bows repeatedly* I've enclosed a few pictures of me in the costume. Please feel free to use them on your website if you want. Again, Thank you ever so much!"
~ Ayu

"Dear Setsuna san,  Olympe [10" Volks of Japan dollfie plus fan chara doll] arrived today, and she's even more lovely than I thought. Thank you very much!   (P.S- i wanted to know, am I your most frequent customer, or are there others that order as much as I do?)"

"Hi Setsunakou'! Woohoo!I received my Sailor Sedna [10.5" Irwin America] doll and my super sailor minimoon [10.5" doll] outfit! The super sailor minimoon is very did a great work.I like the giant puffed bow!:) Sailor Sedna is very cute.Recently we've got a new photo cam,and maybe i will send you some beautiful photos of my dolls!Thank you so much! Well,that all for the moment and Thankx again! Take care!"
~Stefani V.

"I got him [Yami Bakura Vers 3 7" UFO]! He's perfect. As always! I have to go find another one to order now, hehe. Thanks, Setsuna! You're the best!"

"I recieved my [Eternal Sailor Mercury] outfit today and it is PERFECT! It fits me like a glove. Though...i didn't notice the thong [panties leotard] fitting type thing in it so i was wondering why it was so hard to get on at first. LMAO! The gloves a glove lol (once I put them on the right hand that is...had the pinky in the thumb) And the shoes fit perfectly. I realized that you took a normal pair of shoes and made them into boots. That's awsome. I wish I could sew and everything like you. You must make a fortune. Cause every cosplayer I ask (that has been to conventions) knows who you are or knows of your work. My husband was so impressed that he went looking for himself an outfit. The only one he really liked (only one that was manly enough for him lol) was the Vash costume. He said it's too expensive though. He just told me that he's been looking for a Halo (red vs blue) type costume. But I know that those can be expensive. (I've seen them over a thousand dollars) But he said he'd also want something like armour? Medieval I guess. Or Mechanical. He said "a gauntlet type tying with wire looking stuff going up to the shoulders and rest of it" I guess like a robot? have you ever made anything like that? well if so let us know. hope to hear from you soon. And thanks again. I'll send pictures of my convention ^_^"
~Amanda S.

"Hello Setsuna, .....I love the new look to all your senshi costumes, they're constructed wonderfully, they look so authentic. I adore your first season Sailor Mars, just the whole way it was put together and was wondering what the price would be if I ordered it with no shoes, no tiara, and no earrings. I'd also request the red collar, skirt and glove bands to be of non-shiny fabric, kind of like the material you used for your PGSM Mars. I'd like the shiny fabric for the bows though. Awhile back you also said that you would offer me a discount off my next order because I sent you pictures of my Lucia costume and told you the series name for a ??? costume. Feel free to write me back whenever you can. I also wanted to double thank you for the Rogue jacket you made me over the summer for Otakon, I got so many compliments on it, I LOVE it. I've been suggesting you to everyone for one, including Miracole who ordered her black Rogue jacket from you. (which also came out wonderful I might add) Have a nice day!"
~Mandy C.

"Setsuna-San Sorry this is late. I have been away on holiday/ i have been sick and i haven't been home. So, I got home yesterday to find the [Christine Robe Phantom of the Opera] costume and [Erik 7"] plushie on my bed!!! thank you so much!!! it is wonderful!!! I wish i could have gotten back to you sooner! it is just.... amazing. i don't know how else to put it. thank you so so much. you are awesome   <333"
~ Heathy

"Hi Chloe san!   *jaw drops* You can do everything I requested for my [Thief Bakura & Ryou Bakura] plushies?! Every detail?! Wow, you're SOOO awesome!!! Thank you so much!! ^__^   As for the shiny periwinkle grey velvet for Thief Bakura's hair, could you possibly email me a photo of what it looks like? Or give me a link to a photo of another plushie it's been used on? That would be of great help for me to decide if that's what I'd like instead of the crushed velvet. ^^   Thanks, and I look forward to your reply!"
~ Wendy P.

Hi Chloe san!!   I finally received the package with my [Thief Bakura 7" & Ryou Bakura 7"] plushies!! ^_^ I got it on Saturday, just a single day after emailing you asking for the tracking number and saying I was worried. Just my luck! ^^;;   Oh my gosh, the plushies are SOOO CUTE!!! ^-^ And I had no idea how soft they'd be! I'd viewed the photos you told me about, but the AMAZING and painstaking detail of these plushies can't be fully realized until you're holding one in your very hands!! They're so awesome!! The hair, the clothes, the eyes... Everything! =D   As for the Ryou plushie, I'd seen that updated photo about a week ago on your site, and I was sooo hoping that was the Ryou plushie you'd made for me. And it turns out it was! Gosh, I almost couldn't believe it!! I'm so happy he's mine!! ^-^ Yeah, um, can you tell he's my favorite character? ^^;
Let's not forget about Thief Bakura! ^^ Wow, his clothing his spectacular! Especially his robes --- they're detailed beyond what I could imagine!! And I love that smirky grin of his. ^^ Gold, gold, everywhere... My friend is going to love that!! ^^   Well, I think you get what I'm trying to say... I LOVE YOUR PLUSHIES!! ^_^ Well, they actually mine now, but hey! ^^; Thanks sooo much for all your time and effort in creating these lil' wonders. ^^ I simply can't wait to receive my next two plushies from our other trade-in-progress!   Thanks again and God bless!!"
~ Wendy P. ^^

"Hi SetsunaKou, I just thought I'd let you know that yesterday(Saturday) I received the [1/6 Super Sailor] Mercury resin in the mail and she looks amazing!  I'm assuming Nana is close behind based on the fact that she's listed under 3/4 updates(no pic on the site yet, though).  Also, I was just wondering if you got my previous e-mail.  It was a little lengthy so if you just haven't gotten around to it, that's no problem.  Either way, let me know.  Thanks."
~Mike O.

"Hello! Of course you can use it [Sailor Venus cosplayer photo] on your site!!  I have also attached Neo Princess Venus [costume] that I purchased from you on ebay!  Wait 'til you see it!  It sooo gorgeous! Kindest Regards,"
~Shayna J.

"Just Emailing to say I love the Recent dolls and Plushies! Especially the [YGO] GX ones, you guys got alot of them done too! And I REALLY REALLY ADORE the Makubex Blushie in the Get Backers Part! Its suerp super super cute! You guys have heard it before, But your super super talented, and you should start selling in stores! Again, Love yer stuff!"
- Hakunio M.

"Hello again! I would just like to say thanks for the wonderful job on the Ryoko [11" Volks of Japan] doll!   Although there are a couple of problems I need advice on. ;_;   First of all, part of her hair won't stay up, how do I fix that? And her right ear keeps dangling, what should I use to make it stick? Speaking of which, you did a terrific job sculpting the ears! Thank you very much!   And last but not least, what makes her hair smell so good and where can I get some more? It smells like berries or something, but it's great.   Also, I'm having some difficulty finding good pictures of Naru in the outfit my friend wants, but I'll keep trying.   Thanks again! As soon as I can decide on who i want, I'll order another doll soon!"
~Toni T.

"Hi!!yesterday I see the pictures of my kazuki [12" UFO] doll on your web site!(it is so cute!!!)have you send it to me?(if yes when?) Thanks!!"
~Amelie O.

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know I recieved the Nakago [8" Child] volks doll on Saturday.  I love him.^_________________^  Very good job, thank you very much! .XD    Till next time,"
~Mandy B.

"SetsunaKou,  Thank you so much for everything. All of it is awesome! I cant say thankyou enough. You Rock!!   Thankyou!!!,"

"Thanks so much for your hardwork [on the Pip Helsing 7" UFO]!!! Cant wait to order form you again < ^^ >"
~Sammi K.

"Hiya Chloe san!   Oh... Ra... @.@ If you ever decide to sell your 2 foot Thief Bakura plushie, let me know. *drools* I'll buy him from you in a heartbeat. @.@  ^^   P.S. Yes, those are supposed to be swirly, starry, heart-eyes. ^^;"
~Wendy P.

"Hi Chloe san,   *jaw drops* You... already... sold him...?! *runs from your site to eBay and spots the ended auction* Nooooo... I missed him... *cries* T__T   *sigh* Well, I would order a 2' Thief Bakura plushie from you, but will he be as amazing and magnificent as the first one you created? Will he look the same? Features like the outfit, hair, and especially the face are very important to me, because that's what really defines a character, and I loved how that first one looked so character-accurate overall...  That's what I liked about the one I saw on your site, and that's what would have been great had I seen that auction of yours on eBay sooner... T_T   Well, I'll keep thinking about it... Maybe I'll have you make some costumes for me that I've been pondering over instead. *giggles* Thief Bakura's attire or Joey's Dog Suit outfit, anyone? ^^''   God bless and take care,"  
~ Wendy P.

"Thank you! Thank you soooooo much for my seto [7" UFO] plushie! I love him to death!!! thank you!!!"  
-Valerie S.

"Bravo!! We just love our new [7" various] plushies!!! All 6 of them! Are you up to doing another bunch? I will want to make one larger, probably 2' (have to measure another doll I have). We would like to do that again and add the 2' doll. Can you give me an estimate? Thank you so much for a great product!"
~Christine W.

"Hi!! I receive my kazuki [12" ufo & 4" keychain ufo] dolls!! it is so beautiful!!!thank you very much!!!"
~Amelie O.

"Dear Chloe,  I got the [Kagome] costume and I love it. It is a terrific costume I can tell you put a lot of work in to it thank you.   Da'net   From Abby:   Thank you so much for this terrific costume. The craftsmanship is unbelievably superb. As you can see, my sis is very pleased!!! You are a true artist!! I just need to get her wig styled and then we'll send you pics!!!   Sincerely,"
~Abby N.

"I received the pharaoh Atem [12" Version 2 UFO] plush doll today. Thank you soooo much it looks perfect. Thank you again"
~Kitty K.

"Hi!! Just letting you know I received the [Tetsu 7" with banana] plush today! Thank you sooooooooooooo much! He's awesome! The banana is great! I love how you gave him pipe cleaner limbs so that they're bendable! Eventually I'll ask for Yukihiro and Ken to be made so I'll have the entire L'Arc~en~Ciel band! <3 (You made me Hyde a few years ago.) Thank you again so much! Take care!"
~Marybeth G.

"Hi Chloe san!! ^^   Guess what I got today?! *bounces* My plushies!! ^^   When I first saw the huge package, I was like, "Omigosh, my 2ft Thief Bakura plushie is here already?! Wow!" After opening the top of the box and slowly pulling him out, I was absolutely shocked when I saw two more plushies down there!! -- "Omigosh!! They're ALL in here!!!" -- Really, I was sooo surprised! I wasn't expecting them so soon! Especially the 2ft Thief Bakura! Amazing!! Thanks so much for getting all of them made and sent to me in such a speedy manner. ^^   My thoughts and comments on the plushies themselves? Oh Ra, I'm DROOLING over them!!! They're the most adorable and awesome treasures ever!! I LOVE my Ryou's super soft hair, and his adorable little linen outfit! ^-^ I LOVE 2ft Thief Bakura's robe and eyes and sparkly underwear, oh my! ^^'' He's sooo much bigger in-person, too!   And the smaller Thief Bakura in chains... He's. Absolutely. PERFECT!!! ^^ Ra, he's sexy... *drools* ^^'' I mean it! Those narrow lavender eyes... That evil smirk... Hair styling to perfection... The handsome chest, abs, back... Oh, and those shiny cuffs! With option of having the chains linked together or apart! What a fantastic and unexpected touch!! Thank you! ^^     ... SetsunaKou and HarukaKou... You girls are AWESOME!!! *big hug* Thanks sooo much! These plushies are the best! Requested details 'n' all!! ^^ Gosh, I just can't get enough of them. Already, I'm thinking up another plushie I might request from you... ^^''   Oh! And speaking of requests, did you get my email about the Thief Bakura cosplay? If not, let me know and I'll resend it! I'm still curious about the price estimate, and if you'd be able to pull off that specific detail I requested. ^^''     Again, thanks so much!! God bless you both!!   Your very happy and hyper friend," ~ Wendy P.^^

"Hi SetsunaKou,   I hope your past few weeks have been better than mine.  I meant to e-mail a lot sooner to thank you endlessly for the amazing and unbelievable job you and HarukaKou did on the Nana [2' UFO] plush!  She has barely left my side since she has arrived.  Everyone loves her(especially me).  The reason for the late response on my part is because just shortly after receiving Nana, I went home for spring break and got sick.  Turned out that my intestines had a blockage and I required completely unexpected(and even now unexplained) emergency surgery.  My lay-up period of 4-6 weeks is a little better than half over and I am recovering well as there were no complications.  Unfortunately, this has thrown off a few things like graduate school and such but I'm slowly trying to get things back in order.  I will be in touch shortly(perhaps tomorrow) regarding the future purchase of the 5' 3" Sailor Mercury plush that we had discussed as well as a few other things I wish to inquire about.  I'd go into more detail now but this is my first time online in over three weeks after all that's happened and I have some other things to take care of but I'll be e-mailing you again soon.  Once again, thank you so much for Nana.  She is simply the greatest, especially having been bedridden these past few weeks.  Anyway, thanks again and I'll talk to you later."
~Mike O.

"Awesome! hi creators of the site i think all your work is amazing i just recently placed an order for a yugioh plush its so cute i love bakura   your art rocks   sincerly"
~Dawn R.

"Thank you! Hi [for the umpteenth time!!]   Sephiroth [Plushie] came today [Saturday the 8th of April] and he looks fantastic!! Thank you so much!!! I know now who to go to for plushies!!"
~Lauren F.

"Those are some awesome costumes! Wow! I'm a [Sailor] Pluto fan from when I was a bit younger. ...I'm really
impressed with your costumes. There were a couple of amazing ones... ...I never thought I'd see a good Rogue (X-men) costume for the green/yellow costume scheme. Dunno, I guess I'm just a fan of such things, don't ask me why. I'm a conservative 26yrs dude. I'd like to try doing the cosplaying thing, but I think I'm too old, etc. ...Looks like it's the younger crowd doing it! Anyhow, nice site. ...And nice work! Some of those designs look really cool! I really like your costumes too BTW. I wasn't going to say anything about it before, but they all seem to be just conservative enough to keep a womans "mystery", still be true to the characters, and be flattering to boot. ...Even though I'm a guy, it's just nicer that way. Anyhow, I guess I'm mostly just impressed. Normally I wouldn't write at all! LOL I guess there is some sort of shy side to me. I almost want to do one of those full-body-suit cosplays with the face/head and all.. Thank you for the reply. It'll be interesting to see if I ever venture into the cosplay world. I'm thinking I should find the next convention around TX and just go and see if it's something I think I could participate in next time. Take care and God bless you too,"
~Glenn R.

"Hey Setsuna! Its amber again! I got the last batch of [2 Zoot 11.5" Volks Dolls; Seto Kaiba 11" Volks] dolls awhile ago and I was so impressed! My lil sister loves her 3, she wanted me to tell you when she gets a job that she'll be contacting you to to get some dolls of her own. ^^. But im thinking i want another one now. This time I want a Sephiroth Doll. Think you can get me price qoute on how much it would cost? He was the first bishonen character I ever saw and I cosplay him all the time at conventions. Hes my all time favorite character and at the next convention Id thought it be cool to have a miny sephy with me. ^^ Thanks again for the other dolls I simply love them so much! My sis Luna loves them too. With many prayers of good fortune for you, "
~Amber C.

"Hello again; I had just now received it [Power Rangers Tsubasa Jacket] in the mail today.  Looks great!  I'll have to get you to make another different jacket next time.   thank you."
~G. Rashawn K.

"Dear Miss Setsuna Kou, Helooo how are you? i'm fine thanks for wondering allow me to introduce myself my
name is Angela Davis AKA mAD HAttER Lu i found your website through a very dear
close friend of mine named Amber Charles you might know her as Lady of the Willow,
not ringing a bell well she ordered as preesnts of course a few dolls for me they
were Lunaria, The two Zoot dolls and the Zoot UFO Plushie, remember now? i wanted to
thank you for the wonderful work you did on my dolls i love them all and cherish
them in fact i made Lunaria a dress and buy her colths all the time if your
interested i could send you pictures once i get my digital camera working by the
way you might want to inform your cosomers that her size doll fits in most BratZ
colths and some Winx Club outfits which brings me to my first question do you or
are you willing to make colths for the dolls? i'ds like my little lunaria to be a
cosplayer and a few of the opoutfits i wanted was Sailor Moon costume, Summoner Yuna
from FFX, Aer
is from FFVll, Alice from alice in wonderland and your typical sailor school girl
outfit if you willing how much would these cost? this isnlt an order i'm just
curiouse and my last question that if you don;t want to answer i'll understand ui
have a Blonde BratZ doll however i would like to dye her hair black how may i go
about doing this? would regualr dyue you use on people work or dpes it have to
special? thank you so much for reading and i hope to hear from you soon"
~Angela D.

"I loved the Itachi [Anbu] costume!  You did an excellent job; I got several compliments, and I'm up 
on! A few pics of me in the costume (for your site, if you want): Again, thanks so much! 
 I reccomended you to everyone at the con who asked about my costume, and I know I'll be ordering my 
future cosplays from you!"
-Laci B.
"I've received my [Misty 2' UFO, Jessie 2' UFO, Cassidy 2' UFO] dolls today, they look great, thank you. 
:D My brother want a plush now too. I'll send the order information later. "
~FDT Emperor
"Thank you! I have received the Bakura [7" UFO] plush that I ordered. It's absolutely adorable. Thank you very much!"
  -Liz C.
"Hi! Just wanted to say that I have recieved the package [Riku Fan Chara Costume & Riku Fan Chara Vers
2 Costume] Saturday. And it's perfect! You guys do a very great job every time! Will order again! ^_^"
~Jan I. 
"Thank you again, so very, very much! [For the Jadeite Costume] And as always, we promise you lots and lots
 of pictures for your site after Otakon. Love,
~Crissy V. 
"Dear Chloe, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The [Sailor Fireball 11" BanDai] doll is very beautiful! We appreciate it 
very much, thank you for shipping the doll! God bless you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
~Melba D. and Cleta R.
"Hello Just to let you know I got the [Yuna Lady Luck, Rinoa KH Dion ROgers & Thief Rikku boots] costumes & 
thanks alot.  They fit nicely, look great & I can't wait to wear them at AX this year.  Thanks so much for 
making them for me.  I probable will be back later this year to order more costumes for next year. Thanks a bunch,"
~Autumn R.
"Hello Setsuna-san! I just received the [Alphonse 12" UFO, Maes Hughes 7" UFO, and Alphonse Armor] plushies today. They are 
PERFECT ... as ALWAYS! Your plushies are always top notch! Thank you so much for these and all the plushies you have made me
 thus far. You shall be hearing from me again with future orders. ^_^"
~Kelly M.
"Hi!   I just wanted to say thank you for the Yugi [7" UFO] plushie. It arrived this morning, and I can't stop hugging it! It's amazing 
and so cute! You've done a fantastic job! You don't know how happy I am!I'll definatly be recommending you so all my friends! 
Thank you so much! And keep up the fantastic work!"
~Michelle C.
"Good morning! Sorry for the huge delay here, I meant to email you as soon as I got the [Scias] costume, but I forgot, and then I got caught up 
with school work (closing in on finals and all) and just kinda forgot. Thank you soooooo much for your rush order, and the costume is just 
wonderful. I have a couple pictures of it here, though I'm not in full costume. I have some better ones but I have to dig around a bit to 
find them. By the way, are there any special cleaning considerations? Is it washer friendly? Thanks again,"
~Max A. 
"Hey Setsuna. The [PGSM Dark Mercury] costume worked out great. The convention sucked though. I won't be going to Anime Mid-Atlantic again. The people that make 
the rules are hypocrites. First...I couldn't enter the cosplay contest cause I didn't make the costume. But online the rules said that I could 
enter the hall costume contest for an award called "honorable mention" so I enter it on saturday. a girl on friday won the award. but I guess it 
pissed the judges off on saturday that not a lot of people made their costumes but entered (it's not like everyone can sew). so she changed the 
rules for saturday and said no one could enter unless they made their costume themselves and that we should be ashamed for comissioning a costume. 
god I was so pissed.   Also, there was a problem with the wig. I had to cut it because a lot of places had really long pieces that didn't get cut. 
my husband said I should write you and see if you'd be willing to send us a new one (when u have the chance) cause the one I have now is no longer usable." 
~Amanda S.
"Hi Setsuna-san!! ^___^ Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed my convention journal on DA! *lol* It was such a blast! I can't wait until Connecticon (only 2 and a half 
weeks left!!! :D), so I should have some good photos and another journal after that one that's just as crazy! ^^ (especially considering I'll be spending 5 days
 with Ashley-chan... *lol* I'll be clinically insane when I get home... XD) Anyhow, here's links to a few of my cosplay photos for you! ^^ 
One photo from the con! 
(the "FMA Group-- Ed, Lust, & Greed" one)  Hope ya like those! You're welcome to use them on your site if you want  :P), and I can hopefully get some more after CT-con! 
^___^ Also, I was wanting to get another plushie made, if that's okay! ^^ Another character from FullMetal Alchemist, I was wondering if you could make one of one of 
Greed's henchmen, Dorochet (one of those 3 maquettes I made a couple months ago ^^ Bobblehead coming soon. :P) with little Inuyasha-type dog ears and a little tail? 
(His character is supposedly a chimera, and he was crossed with a dog. I've got a couple pics in the link below that better illustrate what I'm talking about. ^^;) 
 Despite his grouchy-looking pics, he's really a fun character, I swear. ^_^; Anyhow, hope ya like the photos! 
^_^ *hugs*"
 -Linds M.
"Hello again! I'm not sure if this letter got through, but just wanted to say thanks again for making my riku fan character cosplays! They're just so wonderful! Seems
 like you guys are very busy with your summer commissioning, but if you're not too busy, would you commission [another cosplay]? If you're too busy with orders than it's alright. 
If you can, then great!Thank you again! You guys are the best!"
~Jan I. 
"Hello Haruka-san & Setsuna-san! ^_^ My sister and I just received our [Sunao, Alexis, & Lucia Coat] costumes today. They're absolutely beautiful! You did a fantastic job on 
all of them! Thank you so much for all of your help. I love everything! I definetely look forward to doing business with you again for future cons. God bless you both. ^_^"
~Dana C.
"Hey hey!! Remember me? ^^;; its Megan McB (ordered Orig. Sailor Saturn a long time ago) ^_^ Yup. Oh yea I loved the Gunner Yuna shirt my older sis bought from you guys! It was 
awesome. ^^   Anyways...I was wondering how much Super Sailor Jupiter Sera Myu style with boots would cost? For a future convention Im planning a Sera Myu group ^^;; So it isnt 
anytime soon. Just wondering. ^^   Ja ne,"
~Meg C.
"Gwizdo is from the Series called "Dragon Hunters". ^_^ And he's AWESOME! Thanks SO much for making him [Gwizdo 7" UFO] for me! :D I got him yesterday! :)"
~Michelle L.
"Hi! I wanted to let you know that Lucrecia [7-9" UFO Plushie] arrived safely to me today, and she's absolutely beautiful! My sister loves her and was so excited to see her! She's absolutely 
everything I was hoping she'd be, and I'm so grateful you were able to get her to me early in time for the deadline! I can guarentee I'll be coming back to you many times in the 
future for more orders - you do the most lovely work, and I can't thank you enough!   Warm regards from an incredibly satisfied customer,"
~Nicole M.

"Thank you SO much ^^~! I am very pleased with your product [Thief Bakura Plushie], and shall send you a money order tommorow afternoon. Sincerly, your new friend"
~Noah S.

"Hi Setsuna-san!   I just realized I never let you know I got the [Julie-Su 7"; Gadget 12", Foxglove 12" UFO] plushies, and they are great!  I love having Gadget and Foxglove finally, and my friend loves his Julie-Su.  Unfortunately, there is a slight problem.  Julie-Su's nose fell off, and because it's a solid piece of...whatever it is, I can't find a way to sew it back on.  I tried Krazy Glue, but it didn't last very long.  Any advice on what we can do?  Thanks again for them!"  
~Robert "Proforce" B.

"Hola, YES the [Rose Bride & Quistis SeeD] costumes arrived and they are PERFECT!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I'm so very excited. They are just a wonderful as I knew they would be. You ladies did a fabulous job.   Again, many thanks.   Kind regards,"
~ Miriam M.

"WEEE I got it [Ban Midou shirt] in the mail today, Thank you guys so much you did an awesome job ^o^
Count on me to crawl back for Ouran cosplay later this year!"
-Damaris S.

"Hi Setsunakou ^_^ I wanted to let you know that I really like the Yuna [Summoner] costume [and Nirvana staff] you made for me and I attached some pictures of me in it.  I hope you recieved my [payment] for the Shuichi costume and enjoy the pictures."
~Ashley P.