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Some customer comments from August 2000 - November 2001

<center>"Setsuna sama, Konnichiha!

I received the costume [Sailor Ceres Costume] today!
It is very excellent and beautiful work!
And size is just fit! Pittari desu! (^o^)/
I am truly satisfied.
Hontouni Arigatou gozaimasu!

Now, I am drawing new picture for you.
I will send it to you when it completed. (^-^)


I visited your site.
It is very cute and nice BGM! Totemo kawaii desu!
In the near future, I will place an order.(^^)
Sonotoki ha Yoroshiku ne!

Soredeha matane!

Anata no Otomodachi," ~Atsuya Y. aka Ayano~

Setsuna sama, Konnichiha!Homete kurete doumo arigatou!
I have gained my confidence in English slightly. (^^) I finished the picture of Sailor Ceres.

This is present for you! Soredeha shitsureisimasu. (^-^)/" ~Atsuya Y aka Ayano.~



<center>"Moshi Moshi I recieved the PJ's today, and they were absolutely perfect!! The detail was so awesome, Chloe-chan and Heidi-chan, and you guys are so awesome yourselves!! I'm very much pleased with the outcome, and thank you so very much a million times over! You guys are the best :) " ~Haruka~

<center>"im sooo sorry i havent written to you in awhile! I just wanted to let you knwo that Charlene absoultely adored the mini-char galaxia UFO catcher. She said thank you very much!!!" ~Gina J~


<center>" AAAAAHHH!!! WAIIII!! !I just recieved the costume [Asuka Plugsuit] today! It's so beautiful! I love it!!  You did such an amazing job! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I will be ordering from you again!!! ^_^. You have no idea how wonderful the costume is, it fits me perfectly,just like you said it would! It's just so awesome! I can't believe how much it looked like the plugsuit! You have no idea how grateful I am to you! THANK YOU SETSUNA!!" ~RyuuenGoddess~

<center>"I 'd thought I'd let you know that I got my Anshii Fuku and my Onee-sama's plushies last week and I ABSOULUTELY LOVE THEM! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!! I'm 100% postive Aly-chan will adore her b-day gift and the fuku fits my figure nicely! I'll be sure to order from you again ^_________^!! Thank you again," ~ Angii C.~

<center>" My two girls are quite pleased [with their costumes of Super Moon and Mercury with wigs]. thanks." ~Michael H.~

<center>"I bought the princess kaykuu costume from you and my boyfriend bought the kefka costume. Congrats!!! the kefka costume won for best video game costume! you are truely talented ^_^ Mine didn't win anything but it was because I didn't have a stage presentation. There are already tons of pictures on the internet of us but when I get the ones I took developed I will send a bunch of matt and I to you. I have to say, the kaykuu costume was very comfortable, I wore it for three days straight and it didn't bother me. Thank you," ~Shana S.~

<center>"hello again Setsuna-kou! iheard that Shana emailed you and told you that i won the contest with the costume you made me. it was so wonderful! everyone who saw me had to come up and do a double take "are you...k...kefka!?!?!?" everyone loved it so much! and i had a lot of fun posing for cameras with the other final fantasy characters! i will have many other ideas for costumes coming soon, so i hope that you will be able to help me again, your work is so good! thanks again and hope to work with you again really soon!" ~Mathaeis S.~

<center>" THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The costume [Sailor Mini Moon] is perfect! I love it so much!!! I can't put into words how much I love it! I was thrilled when I saw it on my door step when I came home this afternoon! The costume goes so well with my twinkle bell toy that I got from a store a few years ago! My Mom was also thinking about buying a few more costumes because she said that she would rather pay and order wonderfully made costumes from you than make them herself because she can't sew and she has no time. So look for more orders from me! Thank you so much again", ~Michelle S.~

<center>"I got the costume in the mail today!!!! ^_^ It's so great!!! I even showed it off to my brother's friends. They thought it was cool, but called me a weirdo. ^_~ Everything fits perfectly.! DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!!!" ~ Tammy M.~

<center>"thank you so much!! *dances*..this coat [Trigun’s Vash the Stampede] is perfect. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it for me. i'll send you pics soon, and i'll personally mail you a tape of the film once it's finished. again, i can't thank you enough for helping me out; if at any point you need help creating props or weapons, don't hesitate to email me. i have a full workshop and junkyard, so making armor and mechanical costume pieces is no problem. thanks so much :).. peace," ~Tom B.~

<center>"Chloe san, OMG! I just got my costume [Lina Inverse] like last week and and and it's soooo cool! *blink blink* everything is so cool on it, I especially love the sword! HAHA! Yeaa.. so I e-mailed you to say thank you so much for the costume, I'm so excited about wearing to to shojocon this summer! So ummm yea ok Buh bye then!" ~Melissa ~

<center>"Hi there! Sorry it took me awhile to write, but YES, I did get my Myu Super Sailor Mars costume back in January. I tried it on immediately and it was a perfect fit! I love it sooooooooo much! The fabric used on the skirt and and collar was a wonderful choice; gorgeous and soft! The earrings were cleverly made! Everyone I've shown it to was quite stunned. I can't wait to show it off at Fanime at the end of the month! " ~Stacie~

<center>" dear setsunakou, just came in and got your package.. man, i am very pleased with both [Sailor Moon costume & Dead or Alive! Blouse]!! the navy is just right,and boy, the velvet is just too cool! all i can say is thankyou...i wanted badly to order the other stuff this week but i dont think i have enough SPENDABLE money until a few more weeks. as soon as i can though i will email the new order.. have a great day!!" ~ Michael C.~

<center>" Hello SetsunaKou and HarukaKou! ^^ I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my 2" custom Shakar and Sailor Astarte SD dolls today, and I love them! They are so utterly kawaii! I can't believe how accurate they are; you got them perfect right down to the little symbols on Shakar's sword (he looks a bit like John Travolta in that shirt, ne?). Anyways, thank you so much for making them so wonderfully, for being fair with the prices, and for enduring my many complicated demands. :) I took some pictures of them today, so if you like I could scan and send you some once I get the film developed. " ~Robin~

<center>"I got it today! Its really great! [Tira Misu Vinyl Costume] the gloves are a bit tight but other than that it rocks! I hope you have recieved the money order for the Dragon Pink costume. You should have it by now cause it was sent on Thursday. Thanks again for all you have done!" ~ Ryan K.~

<center>"I would like to tell you my costumes [Movie Miki Kaoru & Akito from Nadesico] have arrived and they fit perfectly and look absolutely amazing!!! Thank you thank you thank you. Your work is wonderfun I can not say enough about it. If you ever need referrels, I would be happy to pass the word around about how great you are! Sincereley," ~ Mickey W.~

<center>"Wow, my costume [Subaru Priest Costume] just came in the mail! I was so excited! It's beautiful! The costume is excellent and exactly like the one in the anime. Thank you so much! The detail and everything is is perfect, I couldn't ask for anything else ^_^!! I love the hat, it's so cool. And the gloves are awesome. The whole thing is flawless! Oh, by the way, you're right, Subaru is far too cute 
to be a priest! He's from the OVA Tokyo Babylon, sadly there are only two episodes. But he goes on to grow up and join the cast of X/1999 the manga, where he's also cute ^_^. I love the costume, thank you so much again, I'd die without your help! I'll be sure to send pictures of me wearing it sometime soon! A Million Thanks" ~Kayla~

<center>"Hey Setsunakou! Thank you very much for the clow wand! My sister was quite excited when she got it for her birthday. Your gifts make the perfect gift! Thanks again! Pleasure doing business with you!"~Alison~

<center>" Dear Chloe: Arigato! Arigato! Arigato!!! I just received the Umi costume today! It's so beautiful! It's a perfect fit! I love the boots and everything you've done! I can't wait to wear it in August at Otakon! I'll be sure to e-mail pictures in august when they get developed! From the bottom of my heart I want to give you a big thank you!! ^_^ Arigato once again! PS I'll start paying on the Belldandy costume after Otakon in August.^_^ " ~ Anna D.~

<center>"We got the doll [Sailor Pluto UFO 7" Doll] and she is so lovely. Thank you for your hard work on her. We will be ordering more dolls in the future. Thank you again!!!" ~ Tabitha L.~

<center>"I just got the CD today. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expect to hear form me again. " ~Sailor Saturn116~

<center>"Setsuna-san I just wanted to say that your shoppe is so amazing! All your UFO catchers are so cute! You and Haruka-san must have put so much time into all of your items. I just think its really great you do things like this, and the prices are good too. I especially like your costumes! ^_^ they're just so.... ::voice trails off, looking for words:: so... ::gets stars in eyes:: WONDERFUL! So completely beautiful and they look great. Heehee I'm saving up my allowance so I can buy an Utena one (^_^ yes I get allowance, i'm only 12, almost 13). I've searched high and low for reasonably priced Sailor Moon costumes, and then I found your site. Ah, yes, it was a wonderful day (turns out I found an old Sailor Moon costume somewhere in town, so now I can get an Utena one =D yay!). Its about 1:00 in the morning now, so excuse me if I keep rambling on and for not using paragraphs or organizing my words very well ^_^;;;; . So, what I'm really just trying to say is: your site is wonderful, keep up the good work, please don't shut down, I'm telling all my friends about your site, uh, lessee what else, oh yeah! I love all your stuff, and.....uh...pretty much just to say your shoppe kicks @$$ and is full of quality items!!! ::stars still in eyes:: Well, I'll start to repeat myself pretty soon, so I'll stop now. But, before I go, I also think its really amazing that you guys do this by yourselves and you're the coolest for offering all you're neato Sailor Moon/Anime items to other fans. Thank You! " ~Audrey F.~

<center>"I just thought that I'd let you know that I recently received my custom made dolls [UFO Plush dolls of Kari, Nagi, Washu and Portrait Colin Hanks] in the mail and once again I am almost speechless. I have already seen their pictures on the web cite, but the real thing is ten times better. I really like the Kari and Nagi dolls and my sister really likes the Colin Hanks doll that you made for her. And the Washu doll is so cool and better looking than the ufo one that I've seen on the internet. I would just like to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Once again you guys did a terrific job on the dolls. Sincerely" ~Sandy P.~

<center>"AHHH!! I love it! :D Hello! ^_^ I just received my Spike UFO catcher yesterday. I absolutely ADORE him! He is beyond words in cuteness. "Kawaii!" doesn't even begin to describe it. :) Thank you so much! I wanted to tell you that I know of several other people who would be interested in ordering plushies from you. I'm more than happy to share the joy of your craftsmanship with the world! :) I posted a pic of Chibi-Spike on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer message board (, but I didn't say where I got him from. I'm not sure if you'd actually appreciate all the business or if it would just be too much of a hassle for you. If you WOULD like the huge surge in income (I've no idea just HOW hurge a surge it could become), I can post your address on the message board, or I could just hand it out to a few select people. Or I can simply not tell anybody about it and thus prevent you from possibly being overwhelmed with requests for Spike plushies (or other Buffy character dolls). :) Just let me know if you're interested! Thanks again, " ~Beth S.~

<center>"to sum up my feelings in one word..... awe i just can't believe it - i got the card captor sakura costume [Pink Movie Soldier Costume] today and all i can say is that it is fantastic. it fits perfectly and the detailing is great! even the boots fit just fine! (^_^) man, i just can't believe it - it is really a work of art and i thank you sooooooo much for making this costume for me!!! if you would like, i can send pictures to you at Anime Central when i am there with my friends. thanks again!!!" ~ jennifer j s.~