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2021 Updates:

March 15, 2021: Added to Lita's Custom Plushies/UFOs: Added Ash 7" UFO, Misty 7" UFO, May 2ft UFO to Pokemon Humans Sections; added Geoff 7" UFO, Duncan 7" UFO, Sierra 7" UFO, Carrie 7" UFO, Kitty 7" UFO, Emma 7" UFO to Total Drama Island Section; added Glitchtrap 2 foot UFO to Five Nights at Freddy's Section; added Shumerman Bach 7" UFO to Plunderer Section; added Hakuto Kunai 7" UFO to Demon Lord, Retry! Section; added Anna 7" UFO, Seiros 7" UFO, Cherche 7" UFO to Fire Emblem (Regular Standing) Section; added Charlotte a Cavatica 7" UFO to Charlotte's Web section; added Jin 7" UFO to YuYu Hakusho section; added Grell 7" UFO to Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji section; added Roland 12" UFO to Ni no Kuni section; added Zexion 7" UFO to Kingdom Hearts: Villains section; added Makoto Niijima 7" UFO and Makoto as Queen 7" UFO to Persona Section; added Loki Live Action Avengers Movie 7" UFO to Marvel Section; added Kirishima Version 2 7" UFO to My Hero Academia section; added Zane vers 2 7" UFO to Yugioh GX Section; added Marik Vers 2 12" UFO, Tsuroka 7" UFO, Yo Yo Trooper #1 7" UFO, Yoyo Trooper #2 7" UFO to Yugioh Villains Section; added Duke's Manager 7" UFO to Yugioh Boys Section; and ZTV Reporter 7" UFO to Yugioh Girls Section; added Jessica Calvello 7" UFO to Voice Actors Section; added Wedding Peach 7" UFO, Angel Lily 7" UFO, Angel Daisy 7" UFO to Wedding Peach section; added Yuri Sakazaki 7" UFO to King of Fighters Section; added Alucard 7" UFO to Castlevania section; Added Manic the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Antoine D'Coolette 7" UFO, Fang the Weasel 7" UFO, Chip the Dog 4" UFO, Zor 7" UFO, Zomom 12" UFO, Zazz 12" UFO to Sonic: Boys Section; Added Amy Rose 7" UFO, Sonia the Hedgehog 7" UFO, Cream the Rabbit 7" UFO, Bunnie Rabbott 7" UFO, Mina the Mongoose 7" UFO, Tangle the Lemur 7" UFO, Whisper the Wolf 7" UFO, Cosmo the Seedrian 7" UFO, Cosmo the Seedrian 12" UFO, Maria Robotnik Vers 2 7" UFO to Sonic: Girls Section.

March 13, 2021: Added to Usagi's Custom Dolls & BJD: Added Sailor Cosmos 11" Volks Doll to Sailor Moon: Chibi Chibi/Cosmos Section; Princess Fireball 11" BanDai doll to Sailor Moon: Royal section; Helios 12" Irwin America/Canada doll to Sailor Moon: Helios section; Dr Facilier 11" doll, Dr Facilier Vers 2 11" Doll to Fairytale 11" Dolls/Princess & the Frog Section; Cassandra 11" Doll, Varian 11" Doll, Varian Vers 2 11" Doll to Fairytale 11" Dolls/Tangled Section; Mateo Wizard 11" Doll; Chancellor Esteban 12" Doll; Carla Delgado 11" doll; Carla Delgada as Malvago 11" doll; Victor Delgado 12" doll; Zuzo 5" Figure to Fairytale 11" dolls/Elena of Avalor Section.


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