To view available Sailor Moon plush dolls, please click on the links below:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon Eternal

Sailor Moon Legend

Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor Moon SERAMYU

Sailor Moon PGSM

If you see anything here or just want to special order a UFO catcher/Plush doll, Just click on order and send me your requests!


Regular 7" Size UFO Plush: $40.00

Regular 12" UFO Plush: $80.00

Regular 2' UFO Plush: $150.00

Regular 3' UFO Plush: $300.00

Regular 4' UFO Plush: $400.00

Regular 5' UFO Plush: $500.00 (floppy)

5' UFO Plush : $500.00 (With Internal poseable skeleton has additional $400.00 Finished-stuffed, wired, PVC skeleton & clothed)

4" Small UFO Plush $35.00 (with keychain $40.00)


Animal/Machine UFO 7-9" Plush: $65.00 + Up

Animal/Machine UFO 12-15" Plush: $125.00 + Up

Animal/Creature 2' UFO plush $225.00 + Up