Portrait Plushies Page 6!!!!

Will as Cat Boy 2' UFO

Will as Catboy 2' Portrait UFO

SeraMyu Sailor Venus (Dena) 7" Portrait UFO

SeraMyu Sailor Uranus (Haruka) 7" Portrait UFO

Sugoi yo!

SeraMyu Sayer Starr/Seiya Kou in Concert Red Suit (Diana Kou) 7" Portrait UFO

Tristen Citrine as Galaxia Suteki!!!Kirei!!!

Charlene as Galaxia 7" Portrait UFO

Collette as Kane Blueriver

Collette as Kane Blueriver 7" Portrait UFO

Amelia as Milly Falcon

Amelia as Milly Falcon 7" Portrait UFO

Laura as Canal Vorfeed

Laura as Canal Vorfeed 7" Portrait UFO

Michiru as Neena Mercury

Michiru as Neena Mercury Portrait 7" UFO

Chiho Saito Portrait 7

Chiho Saito 7" Portrait UFO, creator/Artist of Revolutionary Girl Utena, with Lauren "La Moon" T. ^_^ Thanks so much!!!


ALi as Anthy Himemiya 12 Kat as Utena 12

Custom Made "Portrait" Plushes - ALi as Anthy, & Kat as Utena 12" UFOs from Revolutionary Girl Utena-End of Adolescence Movie

Touga with Portrait Princess Doll

Portrait Princess "Angie's Sister" with Touga 4" Couple Dolls

Nick as Rose Bride 12" UFO Allyson as Utena 12" UFO

Custom Made "Portrait" Plushes - Nick as Anthy/RoseBride 12" UFO, & Allyson as Utena 12" UFO from Revolutionary Girl Utena



You may also place orders for Portrait plushies not shown above, or different sizes of any of the characters above. Please specify in your order form what size doll you are ordering. Thank you!

These are just a sampling of what can be made, just for you!!


Regular Human 4" Small UFO Plush $30.00 (with keychain $35.00)

Regular Human 7-10" Size UFO Plush: $40.00

Regular Human 12-15" UFO Plush: $80.00

Reg.Human 2' UFO Plush: $150.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Reg. Human 3' UFO Plush: $300.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)

Reg. Human 4' UFO Plush: $400.00 (with wired individual fingers add $75.00 more)


Regular 5'- 5' 4" Large Unstuffed UFO Plush: $500.00 +

(Plus additional $400.00 to be stuffed, wired, & clothed, with Internal poseable skeleton)


Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 7-9" Plush: $65.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature UFO 12-15" Plush: $125.00 + Up

Animal/Machine/Creature 2' UFO plush $225.00 + Up

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