Asmodeus Ex Machina Plushies!

Ashley Fan Chara 7" UFO

Ashley 7" UFO

Cherub 7" UFO

Cherub 7" Fan Character Custom UFO

??? 7" UFO

???? 7" Fan Character Custom UFO

??? 4" UFO

???? 4" Fan Character Custom UFO

Taktak 7" UFO

Taktak 7" UFO

These are just a sampling of what can be made and are not for commission. If you have your own fan character(s) that you'd like created into plushie form, let us know! We'd be honored to make the plush for you!!! Average pricing is below:



Regular 7-9" Size UFO Plush: $55.00

Regular 12-15" Size UFO Plush: $90.00

Regular 2' Size UFO Plush: $160.00

Regular 4" Size Small UFO Plush $40.00 (with keychain $45.00)

Animal/Machine UFO 7-9" Plush: $65.00 + Up

Animal/Machine UFO 12-15" Plush: $125.00 + Up

Animal/Creature 2' UFO plush $225.00

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