Infinite Sailor Pluto 1:4 Resin Model

This ultimate, huge, gorgeous custom resin model of Infinite Sailor Pluto, will come to you finished, assembled, painted, and mounted on a wooden base, in your choice of design. She will come wearing metallic dark PURPLE and white iridescent uniform with dark purple chiffon sleeves, pearl iridescent beads around her arms; gold sequined dual belts with a purple heart in the center, a dual skirt with the top layer being lavender organza, with metallic huge back "butterfly" bow with long trails in back!! She has Pluto planetary symbols on forehead, earrings, choker and in the center of her brooch! The front "bow" and on her shoes are beautiful wings in deep metallic purple! She carries her Garnet Rod, with a real clear red "jewel orb" at the top! Her hair is a black-green with lighter green highlights, while her skin is a lovely tan shade. Absolutely gorgeous! This is a unique model, created using our own design of "Infinite Sailor Soldiers!" Extremely heavy statue, she stands approximately 16" in height.

PRICE: $300.00 US

***Model subject to availability***

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