Custom Super Sailor Saturn Petite Soldier 5" Figure

These accurate HANDMADE Super Sailor Saturn Petite Soldier Figures come "in box"---- the BanDai 5" Petite Soldier Type in Pink and Black Boxes. She is meticulously detailed, with criss-cross white laces on her tall v-cut in front boots, "heart" brooch in center of front bow, long back bow, shoulder length black hair, purple eyes, indigo (bluish-purple) uniform and a handmade Silence Glaive!!! Beautiful!!! Glaive, pose and arm style may vary due to stock at hand.

Genuine BanDai 5" Petit Soldier in box $65.00 (CUSTOM MADE FIGURE from an official BanDai figure)

This figure also includes a reprinted "mirror" S card (laminated and carded) to match the other BanDai Petit figures in your set, and a clear base with the matching name tag "Sailor Saturn".


Others available upon request. Please just ask! We can make ANY character into a Petite Soldier, from virtually any Anime or non anime too!!! ^_^

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