Neo Princess Uranus Doll Outfit


(You can choose if you want NAVY BLUE or YELLOW Coloring -- Specify when ordering what color scheme you'd prefer.)

Navy blue (or golden yellow) velvet full length princess gown with spaghetti straps and long slit up legs
Organza back skirt cape with trim
Blue or gold pendant necklace
Navy blue (or Yellow) choker
Navy blue (or yellow) shoes


11" Fashion Doll Size $70.00 Navy Blue

6" Adventure Doll / Dream Pocket Size $60.00 Navy Blue

60cm/24" BJD Size $165.00 Navy Blue


11" Fashion Doll Size $70.00 Yellow

6" Adventure Doll / Dream Pocket Size $60.00 Yellow

60cm/24" BJD Size $165.00 Yellow


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