Tuxedo Mask/ Darien Shields Doll Clothing Gallery


Choose from many different outfits for your Tuxedo Mask doll to look 'dashing' in!! All outfits are true to anime/manga/movies/myus!!!
Quality made, brand new.

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Tuxedo Mask Outfit

Moonlight Knight Outfit

Infinite Tuxedo Mask Outfit

Darien Shields Casual Attire Outfit

Darien Shields Christmas Outfit

Prince Endymion Outfit

King Endymion Outfit

Darien Shields Wedding Groom Outfit

SeraMyu Tuxedo Mask Outfit

SeraMyu Prince Endymion Outfit

SeraMyu King Endymion Outfit

PGSM Tuxedo Mask Outfit

PGSM Prince Endymion Outfit

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