Super Sailor Moon Seramyu 11" Doll Outfit

Super Sailor Moon SeraMyu doll outfit includes a silver, gold and blue skirted white lycra uniform edged with 6 vertical rows of gold trim, a silver tufted waist belt with a golden mylar, a heart waist belt brooch, silver 3 tiered sleeves. The collar is royal blue metallic as well as the trim on the skirt. The golden sculpey heart "brooch" has a crescent moon. The HUGE back bow is silver, fully lined, trimmed all around in silver trim. White gloves, trimmed in tufted hot pink sequined material with gold trim in each tuft. Pair of knee high fuschia boots, styled in Myu style, with large gold crescent moon in center of each.


11" Fashion Doll Size $155.00

6" Adventure Doll / Dream Pocket Size $145.00

60cm/24" BJD Size $275.00


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