Eternal Sailor Moon Doll Outfit


Gold, blue, magenta triple layered skirted uniform, with white lycra bodice, a blue collar, trimmed in gold, with white sculpted "feathers" and a "golden" heart/moon brooch attached. The sleeves organza and are pink "puffed", with magenta slender long bows down back. White velour 'wings' complete the look.
Also includes white lycra elbow length gloves, trimmed in magenta with 'feathers' at gauntlets.
A choker with golden crescent moon & heart in center is also included as well as white knee boots with fuschia trim and golden moons at tops.

Perfect outfit to make your Serena doll into the ultimate form of Sailor Moon.


11" Fashion Doll Size $115.00

6" Adventure Doll / Dream Pocket Size $105.00

60cm/24" BJD Size $250.00


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