Sailor Mars/Rei Hino Doll Clothes Gallery


Choose from many different outfits for your Sailor Mars doll!
All outfits are true to anime/manga/movies/myus!!!

Each outfit is available in 3 different sizes --- 11", 6" and 24"/60cm BJD size.


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Sailor Mars Outfit

Super Sailor Mars Outfit

Eternal Sailor Mars Outfit

Infinite Sailor Mars Outfit

Rei Hino Jr/High Winter Outfit

Rei Hino Jr/High School Summer Outfit

Rei Hino Casual/Temple Attire Outfit

Rei Hino Christmas Outfit

Neo Princess Mars Outfit

Silver Millenium Princess Mars Outfit

Rei Hino Bridesmaid Outfit

Rei Hino Wedding Outfit

Sailor Mars Sera Myu Outfit

Super Sailor Mars Sera Myu Outfit

PGSM Sailor Mars Outfit


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***This webpage was created by Faith for Setsunakou I have the highest regards for her work in Anime costumes and Sailor Moon custom made products. :o)**