Wedding Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask 11" VOLKS of Japan Doll Set

This gorgeous, custom made VOLKS Wedding Doll Set of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!!

Serena wears a gorgeously made white chiffon gown, with a full span of 18" multi layered skirt, bodice and veil trimmed in white satin roses everywhere! She wears sheer white pantyhose, with a lacy garter and white shoes to complete the look! She holds a spray bouquet of white roses and her veil is simply beautiful with roses everywhere!! Her hair is a pure snow white, that, when put in the sunlight, turns into a bright golden yellow!!! So pretty!!!! Darien wears his black with gold trimmed tuxedo with tails, white vest and shirt, black tie with golden medallion hanging and black shoes.
They come together in large open window display box!

PRICE: $200.00 US for the set of 2 VOLKS of Japan 11" Custom Wedding Dolls


Wedding Set!


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