Portrait 8", 9", 10", 11" VOLKS/Obitsu of Japan Dolls

Paula 8" Obitsu Japan Doll

Barbara 11" Azone/Volks Japan Doll

Nikki 10" Volks Japan Doll


Portrait 11" VOLKS/Obitsu/Azone of Japan Handmade Dolls

Comes in box and with deluxe stand included

Prices: Varies between $70 - $155 (Depending on complexity of hair/outfit/etc)

*******You cannot order any of the exact dolls shown above, they are just examples of what can be created. Your original fan character doll can have any hair color, many hair styles, various eye colors, even glass eyes if desired, any type of clothing and choice of many different face shape styles)********

This is a handmade 9-11" PORTRAIT doll section. Here you can order your OWN specially designed doll of you, your friend or your loved one!!

When ordering, please specify what color hair and if you'd like handpainted or glass eyes on your doll. Also, please send an email attachment the photo scan of the person you'd like a portrait doll made from.




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