White Dragon 8" VOLKS of Japan Doll

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3

Baby White Dragon!!!

White Dragon 8" VOLKS of Japan Handmade Doll

$105.00 in box and with deluxe stand included

This is a completely adorable, very detailed 8" tall fashion doll of the boy version of the White Dragon from Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3! He is super poseable and can do almost any pose you can do!! He wears a palest palest blue yukata kimono with draping sleeves, trimmed in olive green around lapels, with a handpainted golden and yellow sunburst on his chest. He carries through his sleeve, then around his neck, and back out the other sleeve a palest palest green draping scarf. Around his waist is simple white obi/sash. Over this is a skirt cape of the palest palest blue, trimmed in brown with 2 sets of gold trim all around. Attached to the front center is a smoky purple front plate with olive green trim, "v" shaped, and trimmed with 2 rows of gold trim. Over both is a charcoal vinyl hip belt with gold trim around sides and with blue crystal faux jewel in center and golden dots all throughout. He wears palest spring green/yellow baggy pants and white socks. On his feet are a pair of olive green and sky blue curled toe slippers and around his shoulders and back, he carries an organza lavender scarf. As the embodiment of the White Dragon's powers, is a clear diamond faux crystal oval jewel attached to his front neck. His long hair is the palest tint of blue! So cute and fully detailed in every way! He has a Volks Mini EB "F" body and a Mini head.

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