Saku Kajiwara 11" VOLKS of Japan Doll

Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3

Saku Kajiwara!!!

Saku Kajiwara 11" VOLKS of Japan Handmade Doll

$95.00 in box and with deluxe stand included

This is a lovely and dignified, very detailed 11" tall fashion doll of Saku Kajiwara, the Black Dragon Miko, from Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3! She is super poseable and can do almost any pose you can do!! She wears her a cerulean kimono with draping sleeves, over which is a white kimono with draping hand dyed in yellow sleeves and handpainted black and greenish crescent moons, with golden "flower" petals all over the sleeves. Over both, she wears a purple vest kimono that drapes down at the sides and has white trim around the lapels. Around her waist is a simple cerulean blue obi/sash. A metallic white lined scarf is draped around her neck, with white tiny flowers in her black-brown short cropped hair. She wears a white socks and brown/black sandals/geta. She proudly carries a white and yellow fan with 2 faux tiny red crystal jewels embedded in it. So pretty and fully detailed in every way! She has a Volks EB "B" body and an SH-03 head.

***Benkei Musashibo 11" Doll sold separately. If you are interested in acquiring the other Harukanaru characters, please inquire for details.***



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