6" Various Anime Custom Dolls

These kawaii, handmade, custom dolls come "in box". You can choose from:

Japan BanDai Dream Pocket Dolls

Irwin Canada 6" Adventure Dolls

Irwin America 6"Adventure Dolls


Each will come in their respective box styles. Please click on the Doll you'd like to view:

Ah! My Goddess

Alice the 19th

Ayashi no Ceres


Fruits Basket

Fushigi Yuugi

Get Backers

Kiddy Grade


Lilo & Stitch

Love Hina

Magic Knight Rayearth

Marmalade Boy

Record of Lodoss War

Revolutionary Girl Utena

R.O.D. The TV Series

Tenchi Muyo



Yu Yu Hakusho

Portrait 6" Dolls

Fan Character 6" Dolls

Others available upon request. Please just ask! ^_^


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