6" Sailor Moon Custom Dolls

These kawaii, handmade, custom dolls come "in box". You can choose from:

Japan BanDai Dream Pocket Dolls

Irwin Canada 6" Adventure Dolls

Irwin America 6"Adventure Dolls


.Each will come in their respective box styles. Please click on the Doll you'd like to view:

Sailor Moon Dolls:

Princess Fireball

Sailor Starlights

Sayer Starr/Seiya Kou

Prince Sayer/Seiya

Prince Terry/Taiki

Prince Robin/Yaten

Sailor Animamates

Witches 5

Sailor Galaxia

Neo Queen Serenity

Sailor Saturn

Super Sailor Saturn


Sailor Chibi Chibi

Sailor Cosmos

Asteroid Sailor Soldiers

Tuxedo Mask

Prince Endymion

Moonlight Knight

Prince Sapphire

Kaolinite in Black Gown

Others available upon request. Please just ask! ^_^


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