Sir John Rolfe 18" Custom LE Style Doll

The handsome Englishman who won Pocahontas' heart! CUSTOM handmade LE Style REPLICA Sir John Rolfe is wearing a red satin brocade doublet with embroidered roses on it, completely trimmed in gold, with a gold mystique sash with venise lace trim across. Underneath is a pure white high collared shirt with venise lace and organza cuffs and a wide collar. Over this beautiful attire, he's wearing his navy blue velvet cape with tall collar, trimmed with brown and gold embroidered edging and lined in navy blue satin! He wears a wine maroon corduroy hat with golden yellow feather in it and black satin gold trim! Across his waist and hips is a brown faux leather belt with a detailed fencing sword! His pants are a wine maroon corduroy under tall sepia brown boots with front cuffs. His head is custom handmade and has been painstakingly hand painted with artist grade acrylics, varnishes, blushes and sealants! His hair is 3 shades of auburn and brown, and he has a real fiber hair wavy long ponytail! His body is poseable and jointed at the neck, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. He comes in a gorgeous customized LE style collector/display box with stand, that has been decorated and styled just for him Comes in box. (Box style may vary.)

PRICE: $449.95 USD


Pocahontas 16" & John Smith 18" dolls available separately.

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