King Consort Hans of Arendelle18" LE Style Doll

The handsome and gorgeous King Consort Hans! This CUSTOM LE Style Handmade Hans Westergaard is wearing his Arendelle royal naval uniform jacket with embroidered crimson and gold edging along with hundreds of tiny purple faux gems all around! He has goldtone buttons as well as golden aiguillette ropes around his left arm, golden tasselled epaulettes with faux red gem domes, and with 'medals' and a 'cross' at his neck on a maroon satin ribbon. A crimson velvet cape, embroidered and lined in golden satin is draped over his back. He wears white gloves with a brown embroidered and golden 'Arendelle crocus' belt, a gem-encrusted crown upon his head, and his trusty sword at his side! His pants are white velvet with gold tuxedo stripes up the sides and tall black boots complete his elegant look!!!! His head is custom handmade and has been painstakingly hand painted with artist grade acrylics, varnishes, blushes and sealants! He even has striking real auburn eyelashes and extra glossy, realistic looking eyes. His hair and sideburns are 3 shades of red, auburn, and mahogany----making him irrestible and gorgeous! He comes in a gorgeous customized LE style collector/display box (box style may vary) and stand that has been decorated and styled just for him!

Choose from:

Tonner Deluxe Male 18" Body, which is ultra poseable, ball jointed at neck, jointed at arms, elbows, wrists, knees, legs, ankles, and chest
Disney Store Male 17-18" body, which is poseable and jointed at the neck, arms, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles

PRICE: $575.00 US Tonner Body

Coronation Elsa or Ice Queen Elsa 16" Dolls not included
Box style may vary




PRICE: $525.00 US Disney Store Body (NOT SHOWN)



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