Eugene Fitzherbert18" Custom LE Style Doll

This CUSTOM LE Style REPLICA Flynn/Eugene is wearing his dapper faux leather vest jacket with embroidery and straps and buckles! Around his waist and hips is an embroidered brown faux leather belt with buckle and matching hip belt for added style and detail! Underneath he's wearing a cream muslin shirt and cocoa brown pants with dark sepia boots with 'armor' and pirate cuffs! He carries a brown satchel bag (with Rapunzel's tiara peeking out!)!! His head is custom handmade and has been painstakingly hand painted with artist grade acrylics, varnishes, blushes and sealants! He even has striking real eyelashes and extra glossy, realistic looking eyes. His hair and goatee are 3 shades of browns and sepias----making him tall, dark and handsome! His body is poseable and jointed at the neck, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. He comes in a gorgeous customized LE style collector/display box that has been decorated and styled just for him! Comes in box. (Box has some damage/cracks to side window and box. See last photo below for details.)

PRICE: $399.95 USD





Rapunzel 16" Doll Not included.


Closeups of box damage


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