Masquerade Ball Queen Elsa16" LE Style Doll

This stunning and iridescent Masquerade Ball Queen Elsa CUSTOM LE Style doll is wearing her 'Aurora Borealis Princess Aurora' costume attire with hundreds of tiny faux gems and beads all around her iridescent gown for a 'shimmering magical effect'! The gown is made in 3 shimmery shades of purples, with the main skirt being an iridescent purple/blue/pink----just like an Aurora Borealis---and with a long train and shimmering peplum and off the shoulder collar! She wears a removable silvery blue pearlescent mask with faux gemstones and lace! A set of golden with faux gemstones encrusted tiara and necklace adorn her gracefully! Her head has been enhanced with artist grade acrylics, varnishes, blushes and sealants! She even has long dark eyelashes and extra glossy, realistic looking eyes. Her hair is in a long platinum blonde side braid with iridescent strands throughout! She comes in a gorgeous customized LE style collector/display box (box style may vary) and stand that has been decorated and styled just for her!

PRICE: $425.00 US


Masquerade Ball 'The Black Prince' Hans 18" Doll not included
Box style may vary



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