Black Ice Queen Elsa16" Custom Singing Lightup Doll

The Ice Queen's original design! This is Elsa's Concept Art look! This is how she was going to look in the film before they altered her design to be a heroine, rather than a villain! She's wearing a custom handmade gown of velvets, satin, organza, and thousands of varying shapes and style of AB/Clear crystal faux gemstones all over! She has a 20" long 'fractal' snowflake snow cape! She has long lovely thick eyelashes, a new gorgeous and detailed smirking villainous faceup, and her hair is in a spiky updo style with a blue icy tiara upon her forehead!! She's motion activated and will sing a piece from 'Let It Go' while her cape lights up in time with the music. Comes in box. (Box style may vary.)


in Classic Box (Not shown) $200 USD

in LE Style Box (Will differ from box shown below but will be an LE display box) $300 USD


LE Style box type: (Exact box may differ)

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