Ice Queen Elsa 16" Singing Doll

The stunning elegant and gorgeous Ice Queen! She's wearing a custom handmade Ice Queen gown of satin, organza, iridescent sequins, and thousands of varying shapes and style of AB/Clear crystal faux gemstones all over! She has an approximately 2 foot long fully lined in iridescent 'fractal' snowflake snow cape, iridescent ice heels, and she is one of the most accurate and gorgeous Ice Queen Elsa dolls you'll find! She has long lovely thick eyelashes, extra long platinum blonde hair in a side braid with shimmer strands, along with a new gorgeous and detailed faceup on her LE style head sculpt!! She's fully poseable and comes in box.

PRICE: $425.00 US

Right Glancing

Left Glancing




King Consort Hans 18" Custom Doll Not included. (sold separately)


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