Sailor Galaxia


Last photo courtesy of Sarah H. Thanks so much!!!

Sailor Galaxia Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$325.00 with boots

$275.00 without boots


Sailor Galaxia fully lined, GOLDEN uniform, with mylar gold trim up and down, across bodice, sequins, red faux jewel dangling "facets" and gorgeous shoulder "armor plates with dangling red jewels", large starburst with faux jewels brooch, and skirt of golden "armor plates"

Gold Sequined Choker with starburst in center

Earrings, dangling red faux jewels, clip on or pierced

Pair of "armor bracelets", one with purple "jewel", one with green "jewel"

Golden crown/hat with dangling red faux jewels, with centerpiece on top of head (Wig piece not included)

*Pair of above the knee GOLDEN boots, with "faceted" tops and dangling red faux jewels

*only if purchasing complete ensemble


Galaxia's Dark Golden Wig to fit inside of crown available for additional $100

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