Neo-Princess Saturn

Wow!!! Lovely cosplay!!! Truly beautiful!!!! What an excellent cosplaying job! Gorgeous photography!!! What a perfect Saturn cosplay! Amazing Neo Princess Saturn cosplay!! Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing them with us! So beautiful!!! What a lovely pair of Saturns!!! ^^

Last 5 photos courtesy of David L-san. Final photo courtesy of David L-san and Stefani V-san.Thank you so much!!!

Neo-Princess Saturn

Regular Adult Sizes Costume:

$150.00 with shoes

$140.00 without shoes

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$140.00 with shoes

$130.00 without shoes

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$130.00 with shoes

$120.00 without shoes


Indigo-violet princess full length gown with gold and crystal jewels on straps

Indigo-violet long long choker

Indigo-violet and faux crystal jewel pendant necklace

Indigo-violet and fauxx crystal jewel earrings

Saturn planetary symbol "tiara" for forehead

*Indigo-violet high heeled shoes

Indigo-violet opera length gloves

Indigo-violet silk rose

Indigo-violet anklets with gold and jewel decor on fronts


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots included


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