Palla Palla

Palla Palla Costume from Sailor Moon SuperS

Regular Adult Sizes Costume:

$165.00 with sandals

$145.00 without sandals

Child's Age 7-12 Costume

$155.00 with sandals

$135.00 without sandals

Small Child's Age 0-6 Costume

$145.00 with sandals

$125.00 without sandals


Palla Palla leotard uniform, of sky blue stretchy bodice, indigo stuffed "spheres" on bust and tummy, completely surrounded by "black" trim in circles, trimmed on legs with yellow shimmery chiffon.

black "choker" with dangling black lines and sky blue bauble

golden & black "Dead Moon Circus" head "colorform"

lighter sky blue tight pants (not shown)

4 dangling blue baubles "head dress"

pair of "bracelets" consisting of black cord and 2 blue baubles each.

*Pair of Amazoness style sandals (not shown)

*only if purchasing complete ensemble


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