Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey) from X-Men

Awesome pose!!!!! WOW!!! Wonderful Group shot! Phoenix really is so eye catching!!! Gorgeous shot with a terrific Wolvie!!!! ^.~ Wonderful pose and cosplay!!!! I love it! Phoenix reading X-Men!!!! Amazing idea!!! Beautiful cosplaying!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Last 6 photos courtesy of the super kind Katie-san & Brad-san!!! :hug: God bless!!!


Phoenix (Jean Grey) from X-Men Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$225.00 with boots


Yellow and Cerulean Blue full bodysuit with attached plastic 'armor' sleeves and gloves, with yellow-orange padded bumps on thigh sides, attached blue face mask with jewel on forehead and attached shoes

Cerulean blue belt with red/black "x" symbol in center

Golden yellow, fully lined sash belt

Removable cerulean blue plastic armlets


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Bright red layered/wavy/curly (your choice) high quality styled wig just like Phoenix's available for additional $65.00