Legolas Costume



Legolas Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$395.00 with boots

$365.00 without boots


Dark Green hooded cloak with slit in back for quiver to go through

Steel light blue tight pants

Steel light blue tunic with criss-cross at chest/neck and silver embroidery all over it

Taupe jacket, fully lined, with bronze pleather/vinyl, all embroidered in golden swirls around front and back, with short, fancy sleeves, going into each other, half bronze, half taupe

Black pleather/vinyl wrist cuffs, fully lined and embossed in golden swirls, puffed gold trimming around the entire cuffs

2 simulated arrows with feathers at ends and nonsharp points at ends

Brown vinyl/pleather sturdy quiver, puffed golden trim around, thick gold rope embroidery all around top and bottom

Brown belt with large decorative silver buckle

Belt/sash over shoulder attached to quiver, with decorative "leaf" golden brooch around it, brown vinyl/pleather

Black knee high boots

Ankle/leg coverings, black pleather/vinyl, gold puffed trimming all around, criss cross elastic and beads going up and down the front, golden embroidery swirls all around leggings



Platinum blonde long with braids wig available for additional $50.00


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