Lara Croft Version 3 Costume

Lara Croft 3 Costume from Tomb Raider Legend

Regular Adult Sizes:

$235.00 with boots

$205.00 without boots



Blue ribbed long sleeve mid shirt

Khaki linen/cottons baggy work hip pants

White stretchy with high collar mid shirt

Black pleather/vinyl 'silver 'solid buckle clasp belt, with attached D rings on sides and back with hanging holsters (2)

Black fingerless gloves with silver tufted cuffs

Thigh straps with a working gun holster on each side; with straps to attach to belt

Black back/shoulder straps/holster with brown attached 'bullets'

Black headband with 'microphone' dual accessories (non functional)

*Tan lace up and strap across work boots

*only if purchasing complete ensemble


Brown 30" long braided (NOT shown) wig available for additional $60


Lara Crofts "2 guns" cosplay accessories (non working) available for additional $75.00

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