Harley Quinn Vers 2

Wow!! Isn't she terrific!!! Exactly like Harley Quinn!!!!! Absolutely adorable!!!! Perfect cosplay!!!

Last 2 photos courtesy of Alyssa B-san! Doumo arigatou!!!

Harley Quinn Vers 2 Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

With shoes $200.00

Without shoes $185.00


Black with red 'diamonds' trim spandex full body leotard with embroidered lace cuffs

Red metallic, fully lined mid riff jacket

White lace neck ruffle with gold and red faux jewel in center

Red hip sash, fully lined

White gloves

*Black & Red high heel shoes


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Blonde or yellow curled pigtail wig (not shown) available for additional $55 USD


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