Fatality Star Sapphire

Fatality Star Sapphire Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$375.00 with boots

$345.00 without boots


Plum/magenta spandex full body leotard with interfaced high collar, white piping on knees, sides and arms, white zipper on bodice and lilac 'star' emblem on tummy and dual lilac straps on right shoulder

Plum/magenta headdress with lilac 'star' emblem in center

Plum/magenta elbow length gloves (2)

Lilac armlet 'armor' with straps and buckles (2)

Lilac thigh straps (2 together) with buckles (1)

Metallic violet 'jewel' belt (faux handsculpted gems)

Large silver hoop earrings (2) your choice of clip or pierced

Lilac knee boots with dual straps and buckles



Long wavy brown wig (NOT SHOWN) available for additional $45 USD


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