Carmen from Spy Kids 3-D

So cute!!!

Thanks to Paula M. for the terrific photos!!! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

Carmen from Spy Kids 3-D Costume

$495.00 with boots

$450.00 without boots



Black pleather bodysuit with front zipper to high collar

Black pleather tight pants with attached tufted and designed dark pink thigh armor, with black trim

Dark pink "armor" chest plate with black trim, designs, and dual hip armor with straps around right side

Dark pink shoulder armor with black trim, designs and with 3-D sculpted "plugs"

Dark pink wrist armor/gloves with black trim and spiked "pink claws" on each knuckle and 3-D sculpted "plugs"

Darker maroon burgundy and black, with gold tips left hand armor "claw" with long extending fingers, with black wiring going up arm to shoulder armor, with silver "laser" attached to sleeve --very detailed

Multi layered dark pink tufted knee length boots with 3-D sculpted "plugs" all over the bottoms and back and at the knee pads; pink and black "striped" front armor


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Dark brown curled frizzy wig (not shown) available for additional $55.00