Shion Uzuki


Shion Uzuki from Xeno Saga

Regular Adult Sizes:

$415.00 with boots

$390.00 without boots



Yellow-orange and violet lycra minidress, fully doubled piped around almost all the seams and hems, alternating pattern with golden 'jewel' and design at choker, black pleather and tufted short sleeves and black pattern at back

Yellow-orange and violet midriff jacket with long sleeves, fully lined and with black pleather tufted 'armor' on sleeves and shoulders, yellow-orange and violet 'tufts' at back and piping all throughout

Black fishnet stockings

1 sculpted hair barrette

1 tufted golden and blue/violet hairtie

*Yellow-orange ankle shoes with upper sections, all piped with yellow-orange and black around tops


Auburn wig in Shion's style (not shown) available for additional $55.00 US dollars



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