Latter 7 photos above courtesy of Lisa S. Thanks so much Lisa san!

Kos-Mos from Xeno Saga

Regular Adult Sizes:

$575.00 with boots

$525.00 without boots



White lycra or PVC lycra bodysuit with periwinkle padded abdomen, chest plates, and armor at bust, hips, waist, neck, back, with additional plating down back upper torso and dual tone black & white, attached garter "skirt" with 2 gold/black stuffed wheel sides with "dragon" head ends at hips standing up, buckles and straps at front and back of hips, with black choker

Black lacy thigh band garter with white strap attached to left boot

White PVC head dress with gold panel in front and blue trim, 2 layers

White and black lycra or PVC long gloves, with large scalloped tufted upper arms, trimmed in black, with black fingerless overglove for left hand

White & periwinkle blue shield and pack for right hip

*Thigh high high heeled boots, one being lower, with gold tips and black tops


Silvery white or pale sky blue wig available for additional $40.00 US dollars



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