Chipp Zanuff

Chipp Zanuff Costume from Guilty Gear

Adult Regular Sizes:

$195.00 with boots

$170.00 without boots



Black sleeveless, fully lined jacket, with 3 gold buttons

Black "mesh" undershirt

Black and red vinyl belt with straps, with silver "buckle" front with 4 buttons

Taupe/beige pants with elasticized cuffs and with 2 black pleather straps/buckles/hardware on left thigh

Black vinyl/pleather neck collar with buckles/hardware

Black stretchy lycra armlet

Black stretchy lycra armlet with attached pleather/vinyl armor "plate" with plastic cosplay "blade" attached

Red fully lined scarf

Pair of large red faux jewel earrings - clip or pierced (your choice)

*Black ankle lace up boots with silver pvc panels at tops and with 4 buttons on each


Silvery white high quality spiked wig available in Chipp's style for additional $65.00





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