Last photo courtesy of Rico san! Doumo arigatou!!!!

Bridget Costume from Guilty Gear

Adult Regular Sizes:

$295.00 with boots

$270.00 without boots



White sleeveless mini dress

Blue fully lined sleeveless jacket with wide white trim around bottom

White interfaced and lined sailor type collar, zip up and removable with wide yellow-orange ribbon in front and high collar

Blue nun type veil, lined in white, with wide white trim around bottom, 2 yellow-orange crosses on each side and a huge yellow-orange cross down the back center, attached to white interfaced top, with "silver" armor plate with bas-relief designs on front center

Black lycra shorts

Black fingerless gloves with white tops and white interfaced and lined cuffs, sealed with sculpted yellow-orange crosses and jewels

White socks

Pewter tricot/pvc/pleather/plastic OR Matte (your choice) waist cuff

*Blue ankle boots with white "armor" on tops and silver pvc trim with black "jewels"


Yellow (or blonde) YOUR CHOICE professional high quality layered wig available in Bridget's style for additional $55.00


Yellow (or blonde) YOUR CHOICE good costume quality wig (not shown) available in Bridget's style for additional $45.00




Bridget's extra sized working yo yo cosplay accessory available for additional $60.00

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