Summoner Yuna


What a pretty Yuna! WOW! A Foxy Yuna!! Yuna never looked so good! Yuna and a cheetah spread on a bed! Hali Yuna full length!!! Foxy Yuna walking.... Yuna & Friends!!! WOW!!!! Is this cool or what?!

"Kathris Hali" Foxgirl as Yuna courtesy of Eric K. Isn't it terrific?!

So pretty and serene!!!! Great cosplay and pose!!! PERFECT!!! ^^

Many many thanks to Ashley P. for her terrific cosplay photos! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Summoner Yuna from Final Fantasy X Costume


Regular Adult Sizes:

$225.00 with boots

$205.00 without boots


White fully lined wrap around bodice

Black lycra with rope straps inside sport bra

Indigo sewn in, permanent pleated long skirt with slit; with pale lavender/periwinkle floral design

White fading into pinkish mauve; fully lined with grey inside lining; long draping sleeves with purple rope tied at biceps and beads

Silver floral and beads pendant necklace

"Gold" bead bracelet

"Gold" bangle bracelet

2 "gold" rings

Yellow wide obi belt with double back bows/obi, with lifelike green and pink floral designs all around, and orange design at left front, gold trimmed in sequins, with two long dangling bead strings and light cerulean tassels hanging

One 3 tiered beaded earring, with dangling long section and light cerulean tassel - pierced or clip (your choice)

*Black calf high boots

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Yuna's Nirvana Celestial Weapon 4.5 foot Wooden Staff available for additional $200.00 (See pictures below for details)


Yuna's In scale 4.5 foot Golden WOODEN staff available for additional $150.00 (See pictures below for details)

Yuna's light brown feathered shoulder length wig available for additional $45.00



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