Perfect Tidus!!! ^^ Cute!!! What a perfect fit! tottemo kawaii!! Gorgeous! So cool!!! Kakkoii desu yo ne!

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Absolutely AMAZING!!!! You look like you stepped off the screen!!!

Last photo courtesy of Will M. san! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Regular Adult Sizes:

$450.00 with boots

$425.00 without boots

Yellow vinyl/pleather midriff jacket with white attached hood, fully lined. Attached to right sleeve is a silver band with buttons and attached to left sleeve is a blue shoulder "armor" vinyl, along with silver bands and buttons, horizontally and diagonally up it, finally with red "mesh" upper arm and mid arm design --- very exacting and detailed as in game

Zigzag blue, red and gold wrist band "bracelet" armor with attached metal chain "bracelet"

Official metal silver Zanarkand Abes pendant on chain necklace

Official metal silver Zanarkand Abes Ring (1)

Metal silver wide ring (1)

Black right glove with "metallic" wristband armor and button on back

Black left glove with "metallic" armor on front and back of hand, gold pleather, and 5 buttons

Silvery gold/bronze armor in 4 tiers full length armband with 2 decorative metallic buttons on each tier with puffed bands attaching it to your arm

Dark grey, white, black socks textured socks

Black pleather jumpsuit with upside down metal tooth zipper, with 3 silver "crosses" at chest, arms, arm straps with silver buckles, Zanarkand Abes symbol in red and yellow on back criss cross piece

Black belt with buckle, attached large back working vinyl horizontal backpack, attached smaller vertical side pouch; and dangling looped metal chain with silver belt clip

Black shorts, one long leg with red/yellow design, flap and criss crossed, lined cuff, with over 40 buttons at each intersection; one shorter leg cuff

Dark blue/black and light blue thigh band with over 20 buttons and silver/gold trim

*Darkest green and yellow ankle boots with metal eyelets and black laces


Tidus blonde spiked down wig $55.00 (not shown)


Flesh colored lycra undershirt available for additional $20.00 (shown above)


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