Quistis Trepe SeeD Costume

So beautiful!!! In the schoolroom Quistis sensei!!! The perfect Quistis Trepe!!! Isn't she really lovely?! Great cosplay!!! Wonderful pose!!! Sugoi!!!

Latter 5 photos courtesy of the lovely Michelle S. Doumo arigatou!!!!

Quistis Trepe SeeD Uniform from Final Fantasy VIII Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$165.00 with boots

$150.00 without boots


Black and blue button up, fully lined SeeD uniform blouse, with maroon cuffs and maize trim; dual "drapes" fully lined, in black with "squiggly" patterns and trimmed in maize down front from collar

Maroon tie with silver "clasp" near top

Black miniskirt

Hair barrette

*Black calf/knee length boots


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Golden honey blonde upswept wig like Quistis' available for additional $65.00