Penelo from Final Fantasy XII

Regular Adult Sizes:

$295.00 with shoes

$270.00 without shoes


Taupe fully lined mid riff bodice, with gold piping all around and horizontally across chest, rope straps with gold decor at each side, back zipper with purple lacing across back top and white fully interfaced 'doily fan' with purple and gold patterns at bottom of back and large 'golden' cross with designs and jewels at front chest

White interfaced high collar, with gold trim all around, and white and gold 'strap' in front

Crimson puffy 'genie' pants, with gold handpainted designs around bottoms, and golden 'balls' (7 on each side) on each pant leg side, with purple lacing at each hip and gold straps at top of hips, while top of pants are 'patterned' with gold piping around the entire top and golden decor around openings, dangling golden 'coins' from front and back and gold and purple 'flower' decor at each front side and white ribbons straps hanging down from each leg, trimmed in gold

Gold spandex upper arm band with attached diagonal strap

White and gold glovelet, fully lined with gold 'armor' on top and strap around wrist

White organza boa/scarf

Silver large bead bracelet

'Winged' golden and red barrette clips (2)

*Golden genie style shoes with curly toes, high armored backs with decor, Mary Jane straps and ankle straps with 'golden and jeweled' decor


*Only if ordering complete costume with boots


Penelo's braided blonde wig $65.00


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