Mithra Red Mage from FF XI

Mithra Red Mage!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Latter 4 photos courtesy of the talented Ayano sama!! Doumo arigatou!!!

Mithra Red Mage from FFXI Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$550.00 with boots

$525.00 without boots


Red, maroon and black striped minidress with slits at sides, front and large slit up back, with gold/tan straps and trim down back and front, and with attached shoulder armor of red and gold

Black long puffed sleeve at elbow and shoulder shirt

Black wrist gloves

Red pvc/pleather wrist armor with gold/tan wrist strap (2)

White interfaced "sailor" collar with "v" shape in front and back with high collar

Red necktie, pleated with yellow stripe at bottom

Red and black striped lycra thigh high leggings

Tan/gold vinyl/pleather belts with metal buckles for thighs (2) preattached to leggings

Gold, red and black knee armor (2)

Red lycra with black lace trim hot shorts with metal eyelets and black elastic laces on sides

Tan/Taupe hip belt with "x" buckle in front and thick belt clasps all around, with Tan fur/velvet stuffed cat tail attached

Red pvc/pleather fully lined leg "armor" with slits up both sides, with silver and gold metal "buckles" (8 "buckles" in total)

Red and black trimmed in gold, foam hat with wide upturned brim, with ostrich feather and with 4 silver "faux jewels" at sides and on top back

Red with sky blue and blue zigzag designs hairtie

*Red and black ankle boots with gold fancy trim at tops and on backs


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots


Platinum blonde above shoulder length wig with short ponytail available for additional $45.00