Edea from FF VIII

So beautiful!!! She's gorgeous!!! Unbelievably perfect makeup job!! She IS Edea!!! Look at her headdress! That's AMAZING, Giovanna sama! And the wheelback! She is so talented!!!!

Latter 5 photos courtesy of the beautiful Giovanna san!!! The headdress, shoes and backwheel/cape are all created by her! Excellent, excellent job!!!!! ^^ Thanks for sharing the photos with us!!!

Edea from FF VIII Costume

Adult regular sizes:

$750.00 with shoes

$730.00 without shoes



Black fading to violet/indigo fading to purple long past floor length, body hugging gown, with attached glove sleeves, with fingers/nails and huge black feather collar trim ending in low cut neckline

In scale giant gold back 'wheel' with attached white cape (NOT SHOWN)

Purple/yellow/gold/silver full headdress (NOT SHOWN)

*Black high heeled shoes


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots

Black tight pulled back wig (not shown) available for additional $55.00