Auron from FF X

Auron!!! Sugoi yo, ne?

Thanks for the terrific photo, Rico san!!!

Version 1 - RED

Version 2 - MAROON

Sir Auron from FFX Costume

Adult regular sizes:

$375.00 with boots

$350.00 without boots


Red or Maroon trenchcoat, fully lined, with gold trim, black trim, and 4 brown belts on long draping sleeves and collar, with brown vinyl and gold armor on left shoulder,

Brown shirt with grey stand up large collar and metallic trim on front and back, armor plated

Blue, gold and brown large belt with 2 brown belts within it and buckles

Grey (dark) pants trimmed with grey/silver

Grey "jug" (jug subject to style changes) and attached with circular hoop of large wooden beads

*Brown boots with silver and gold fancy trim around front, sides, uppers

Pair of small oval dark sunglasses


*Only if ordering the complete costume with boots


5 foot wooden or foam (your choice) sword shown not included but available for additional $125.00


Upgrade to Deluxe Jug and belt Set available for additional $80.00




Auron's Bracer available for additional $20.00




Salt and pepper wig available (not shown) for additional $45.00




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