Seramyu Style Sailor Cybertron/& SeraMyu Style Super Sailor Orion


Costumes above just samples of styles/varieties we can provide. Upon ordering, please send a picture of your own SeraMyu style fan character design you'd like to order.

Sailor Moon SeraMyu Style Fan Character Costumes

Any colors, any changed details:

$295.00 with huge wings full costume with boots/shoes

$250.00 without wings but with huge bows/capes full costume with boots/shoes

$195.00 Regular Senshi Style full costume with boots/shoes


--Your choice of any colors, etc to create your own SeraMyu fan character costume!!!--


White shimmery lycra with gold, silver, blue or pink mylar trim bodice (your choice), with puffed waist belt with gold or silver bead criss cross trim, with dual layered skirt, fully wired and with mylar trim and beads (your choice of colors) and stand up collar with mylar trim, fully wired. 2 bows, tissue lame' or liquid lame' included on front and back, with mylar trim and with your style of brooch included

Matching choker with gold or silver trim and decor

White shimmery lycra gloves with puffed gauntlets in your choice of lame' color, with gold mylar trim in between layers----elbow length or wrist length (your choice)

Earrings - clip or pierced, in your style of choice (earrings not included in children's costumes)

Hair accessory if desired

*Boots/shoes in any style, color (platforms excluded)


Various Wigs (not shown) available for additional $$$ (inquire for details on specific colors and styles you may need)


Wands (any style) available for additional costs. Please inquire for prices on specific designs and colors/styles you may need)

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